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Tornadoes, Tornawoes.

A rope tornado in its dissipating stage. Tecum...

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This post is going to be short because i hope that the tornadoes predicted for next week will be short and done with as well.

The South is going to get hit hard during Easter and the next week.

tornadoes and horrible weather are in store for the South.

I for one, will be praying for people out there because shits going to get tough.

I heard that the worst time is going to be around monday and Tuesday.

Please be safe.

The weather in SoCal looks gloomy. Haha, I have always wanted to say that in a real situation.  But Easter might have to be indoors this year.

I don’t think that it will clear up unless if you put a tarp and then prepare for tomorrow. Which I suggest you to.

Remember y’all be safe C:


Charlie Sheen: The Essence of Losing

Charlie Sheen in March 2009

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So Charlie Sheen‘s My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option is a dud.

I am pretty sure it was in Detriot. Anyways, Let’s just say it wasn’t a great show. Or whatever he is calling it.

Reviews were out before the first show was even done. Let’s just say “Mars Needs Moms” will probably get higher reviews than this. People were all hyped about this thing. But then push came to shove and they were they were disappointed. Many people were saying that were there for his famous rants that has made him an internet star. But that it seemed so sad, it was just him was on drugs saying random things.

People were leaving before the show was done some let during the first minutes.  Most of the audience was gone before the show ended. Throughout the thing he was booed throughout. Some said that he sucked out loud and left. Though I gotta give it to him when he replied back “I already got your money dude”. That might have been the only thing that was good on Charlie sheens tour.

Some people waited outside to try to get their refunds. I don’t think they got their refunds. But still, if this was just the first show. imagine how other shows will be. HE showed up at the end of the show to tell the people who were still left thank you for supporting him.

The show at first seemed to look good at first. He showed clips of him and the various projects he has done. Then showed this little film he did “RPG”. Then that’s when the boo’s came. He started ranting that’s when the boo’s stopped but once they found out they weren’t funny it was an endless boo.

Some say they don;t think he will make it through al the shows. Some say that he can but we won’t find out till we do.

Charlie Sheen, a human tragedy. Can he turn around his life-like Robert Downey JR. did?

We will have to wait and see.

The shows name has lived up to it;s name Tornado of Truth. It never said it was going to be funny, just Charlie Sheen’s “truth”

Now what’s your take? Do you still think he is winning?

Rage Against the Machine News!

MTV, launched on August 1, 1981, playing music...

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So MTV is doing this thing. Sort of like March Madness for College Basketball but for Musical Bands.

What the Fuck, you might be thinking. why because MTV doesn’t associate itself with Music now a days. Seems like they are only doing stupid reality shows and other shows.

Rage Against The Machine End of set, before le...

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Anyways help Rage out!. They are up against My Chemical Romance. Yes, what and why would they up a stupid bad like MCR against THE RATM! So lets pull an upset as it seems that Rage is behind and help out the cause. Why, because Rage always helps out causes that need support, and now they need our support.

So go on to this link:  and vote for them as many times as you can. I think you can only vote once but keep trying to vote more than once. And spread the word. Word to Word mouth is the best for situation like these.

I also made a video on it, spread it around okay?

You never know, if they win this thing, Rage might surprise us with a Free Concert like they did to UK. Remember Rage fans we did upset that X-Factor person for the top single during Christmas. We can and are known to help out causes. Do you part.

Because once you are a Rage fan, you are ALWAYS a RAGE fan!

The Link again is

Bullies Beware!

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

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as you can see, this bully doesn’t give a fuck. excuse my language little kids, but bullies beware. Times are changing and people do stand up for others and for, Casey Heynes, they stand up for themselves.

You can see the smaller kid is actually the bully. I was at first going oh shoot that’s the bully because i thought the bully was the bigger kid. But the bully is the smaller one.

You can see the smaller kid going up to Casey and talking to him and punching him. Until poor Casey got the courage to do something and stand up for himself.Casey picked up his bully and slammed him down. Then the bully stopped and he was able to go.

The video was shot by the kids watching. At the time, both Casey and the bully didn’t get into trouble. But once it spread like wildfire, punishments were handled down. Casey got a four day suspension and the bully got suspended for 3-4 weeks…

Criticism is coming for how they dealt this incident. Some say they were too harsh on the bully because he got slammed pretty bad, some say that Casey got off easy, some others say why did Casey even get punished at all.

I think that Casey should not have been punished. He was constantly bullied for most of his life. This was the one time he stood up for himself and told his bully to stop it. Unfortunately it was caught on video but then that helped him out as well. Because he has gotten so much support from people around the world tell him to stick up for him self.

So, do you think that he deserves that punishment, or need more or none.?

What’s your take on this?

The Media does it again!.

So something needs to be done again!.       

Internationally recognized symbol.

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Wow the world needs to change, and so do these news stations. I am getting fed up that we are going to be exposed by Nuclear Radiation.

No we aren’t. I would like to get that out. I am getting tired of how the media gets one piece of information and makes it even worse. There is no possible, well some what, way that radiation will travel all across the Pacific Ocean and reach the West Coast. That’s freaking retarded. That stupid.

But i guess that’s news worthy

That’s how it has been these past couple of months. First it was eruptions in Eygpt and how they were rebelling. They were trying to get us scared that we shouldn’t be involved or else terrorist act will come upon us. Then there was the acts of Lybia and how we shouldn’t do anything there too or else we could be in trouble of this danger again.

They then caught up on a Charlie Sheen little note and made it a big deal. For days, that was the only thing you would hear on the news. It would be Charlie Sheen said this, and then said that. I am guilty of that too, because if you read post before this I was caught up on the Sheen Drama. But it needed it to stop. Unfortunately, Japan had to take the spotlight and had an 9.0 earthquake. This has been on the news everyday since.

I think that needs to stop as well. What needs to be stopped are these news stations making the viewers frighten over something that will not happen. They should focus on helping these poor Japanese people out not worrying about our on health and safety.

We have more of a chance of getting an earthquake strike us than get radiation because of the Meltdown in Japan. it’s plain old stupid.

How about we get more people prepared for an earthquake. That seems to be more educational and informative than getting scared over radiation. That way we are more able to survive and less damage will occur. But thank the lord that Japan was ready for this because they have the strictest building codes or else, that earthquake could and would have killed more and done more damage. They also had an alert seconds after the earthquake so these Japanese people had a chance to do something. Unfortunately some Japanese people didn’t have enough time. My prayers are out to them and their families.

Come on media. Let’s focus our attention on something more important because I am getting tired of it. I know that more people are getting tired as well so lets just do this on time.

Or else the next person that tells me have you heard about the radiation coming over here or are you prepared is getting their fucking faces smashed!

Where are all the Celeb’s at?

So i would like to know where is hollywood at?

no that’s not a rhetorical questions. where the fuck are the celebrities at?… More important why haven’t they shown their support for japan and helped them out. I know that many other charities have helped but these are the celebs they always come out and help out when something bad happens. There has been no telethon or anything to help the Japanese people that have been stuck by tragedy.

Gaga performing on The Monster Ball Tour in Bu...

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The only celeb’s i know that are helping were a couple of comedians at the Improv, Sandra Bullock gave a million to help them out. Lady Gaga is selling bracelets and all the proceeds are going to help them out and has at least gotten over half a mill to help them out and counting.

Guess who else is helping Charlie “Tiger Blood” Sheen. Yeah he’s going on a tour and giving on dollar for every ticket he gets to help out these people. Yeah, if Charlie Sheen is giving out and helping them and the rest of you Celebrities haven’t then the world has frozen over. I mean no disrespect to Charlie Sheen because i think it’s great that he is doing something to help out these people but come on. You used to make 1.5 mill per episode and yet you haven’t given out any of your money. WTF is that. I’m pretty sure that a mill/ half a mill wouldn’t hurt life and how it is. Still though i think it is great that he is doing something.

But why haven’t other celeb’s helped out?. I know many people think Japan has a every good economy and can easily help themselves out. But they can’t. They have estimated the damage to be up too at least a billion. That’s some serious money.

For your information, The American Red Cross has said that they have gotten donations and have gotten about 50 million. Though to compare that to last years earthquake in that same time frame they had gotten about 100 mill. So something in our minds is telling us not to give.

 But seriously, Someone do a telethon to help these people out. At least to show them and the world that we do care. Because what if the next natural disaster is in the States. I bet people are going to judge us a bit for not supporting them as we supported the Haitians, or the Indonesians people.

By Eric Robles

Nuclear Meltdown! and 9.0

Blame it on the goose. Got you feeling loose. Blame it on Patron
Got you in the zone. Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a a…”

So it seems like everyday seems to be getting worse for these poor japanese citizens and relatives worldwide. So there are reports that there could be a nuclear meltdown in once of their nuclear labs. It seems like the tsunami affected them and it can boiled up like the one we had in the 90’s. I don’t really know a lot about this as it is barely breaking news but this is grievous to all world. It could or could just be a myth and it could not even meltdown but they are in code red or level three. I don’t seem to recall.

Please Donate For Japan Earthquake

Image by naoK via Flickr

Also the Earthquake has been changed from being 8.9 to now being officially 9.0. Which would make it the Fourth strongest earthquake ever being recorded. I am stunned by that number. I am also being stunned because there is reports that they have had over 90 6.0 and below aftershocks and about 20 6.1 and above aftershocks since the big quake happened. That is just incredible. i mean, they are getting used to these quakes and wondering when are they going to stop.

Many of them are still stranded. There are reports that about 10,000 and counting are reported dead. The numbers will counting to rise as it devastated the country. Also it seems that water is running low and many can’t use cars or trains to get around. Many have to walk home as it is. Help is on the way but one has to think how much help will it take. IF YOU WANT TO HELP GO TO MY LAST POST AND THERE ARE LINKS TO MAKE CHARITIES YOU CAN GIVE TO. Like that one move, pay it forward and lend a hand.

Lets all just keep them in our prayers because it can and will only get better from now on.

Games of the Day

The Celtics went on hunting for the Bucks as they cruised by them 87-56

The Warriors showed no mercy to the Wolves by humiliating them 100-77

  A’Mare’s 28 couldn’t help the Knicks as they lose to the Pacer’s 106-93

Song of the Day

“Blame it” Of Mice and Men

Note: This is the Of Mice and Men version not the crappy Jamie Foxx one