Where are all the Celeb’s at?

So i would like to know where is hollywood at?

no that’s not a rhetorical questions. where the fuck are the celebrities at?… More important why haven’t they shown their support for japan and helped them out. I know that many other charities have helped but these are the celebs they always come out and help out when something bad happens. There has been no telethon or anything to help the Japanese people that have been stuck by tragedy.

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The only celeb’s i know that are helping were a couple of comedians at the Improv, Sandra Bullock gave a million to help them out. Lady Gaga is selling bracelets and all the proceeds are going to help them out and has at least gotten over half a mill to help them out and counting.

Guess who else is helping Charlie “Tiger Blood” Sheen. Yeah he’s going on a tour and giving on dollar for every ticket he gets to help out these people. Yeah, if Charlie Sheen is giving out and helping them and the rest of you Celebrities haven’t then the world has frozen over. I mean no disrespect to Charlie Sheen because i think it’s great that he is doing something to help out these people but come on. You used to make 1.5 mill per episode and yet you haven’t given out any of your money. WTF is that. I’m pretty sure that a mill/ half a mill wouldn’t hurt life and how it is. Still though i think it is great that he is doing something.

But why haven’t other celeb’s helped out?. I know many people think Japan has a every good economy and can easily help themselves out. But they can’t. They have estimated the damage to be up too at least a billion. That’s some serious money.

For your information, The American Red Cross has said that they have gotten donations and have gotten about 50 million. Though to compare that to last years earthquake in that same time frame they had gotten about 100 mill. So something in our minds is telling us not to give.

 But seriously, Someone do a telethon to help these people out. At least to show them and the world that we do care. Because what if the next natural disaster is in the States. I bet people are going to judge us a bit for not supporting them as we supported the Haitians, or the Indonesians people.

By Eric Robles

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