Bullies Beware!


A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

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as you can see, this bully doesn’t give a fuck. excuse my language little kids, but bullies beware. Times are changing and people do stand up for others and for, Casey Heynes, they stand up for themselves.

You can see the smaller kid is actually the bully. I was at first going oh shoot that’s the bully because i thought the bully was the bigger kid. But the bully is the smaller one.

You can see the smaller kid going up to Casey and talking to him and punching him. Until poor Casey got the courage to do something and stand up for himself.Casey picked up his bully and slammed him down. Then the bully stopped and he was able to go.

The video was shot by the kids watching. At the time, both Casey and the bully didn’t get into trouble. But once it spread like wildfire, punishments were handled down. Casey got a four day suspension and the bully got suspended for 3-4 weeks…

Criticism is coming for how they dealt this incident. Some say they were too harsh on the bully because he got slammed pretty bad, some say that Casey got off easy, some others say why did Casey even get punished at all.

I think that Casey should not have been punished. He was constantly bullied for most of his life. This was the one time he stood up for himself and told his bully to stop it. Unfortunately it was caught on video but then that helped him out as well. Because he has gotten so much support from people around the world tell him to stick up for him self.


So, do you think that he deserves that punishment, or need more or none.?

What’s your take on this?

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