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So MTV is doing this thing. Sort of like March Madness for College Basketball but for Musical Bands.

What the Fuck, you might be thinking. why because MTV doesn’t associate itself with Music now a days. Seems like they are only doing stupid reality shows and other shows.

Rage Against The Machine End of set, before le...

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Anyways help Rage out!. They are up against My Chemical Romance. Yes, what and why would they up a stupid bad like MCR against THE RATM! So lets pull an upset as it seems that Rage is behind and help out the cause. Why, because Rage always helps out causes that need support, and now they need our support.

So go on to this link: http://newsroom.mtv.com/2011/03/25/march-madness-my-chemical-romance-rage-against-the-machine/  and vote for them as many times as you can. I think you can only vote once but keep trying to vote more than once. And spread the word. Word to Word mouth is the best for situation like these.

I also made a video on it, spread it around okay?

You never know, if they win this thing, Rage might surprise us with a Free Concert like they did to UK. Remember Rage fans we did upset that X-Factor person for the top single during Christmas. We can and are known to help out causes. Do you part.

Because once you are a Rage fan, you are ALWAYS a RAGE fan!

The Link again is http://newsroom.mtv.com/2011/03/25/march-madness-my-chemical-romance-rage-against-the-machine/

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