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rage on for life

fuck you i won’t do what you tell me, fuck you i won’t do what you tell”

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Rage Against the Machine,        





Rage Against the Machine burning the American ...

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I truly adore what you guys do! If I ever saw you  guys in person i think I would die a happy man. I would and still listen to you guys when I’m mad and such. You guys are the reason I started playing guitar and writing. I hope that you guys realize that you affected so many lives in the world because you guys are hardcore activitst. RAGE forever!

Today was filled with homework. And tons of it.! I got it done no worries though. I still need to get the Kite Runner because I have my first test on it on Thursday. Lets hope that somehow I get the money to buy it by then. I also need to get the other book but I am not as worried about getting that as I am about Kite Runner.

Tomorrow, I just have my English class and that’s it. I need to get the financial aid’s number to have my mom get shit straight.

Games of the Day

The New Jersey Nets surprised Melo and Company 115-99

Lebron once again showed Cleveland what they are missing 117-90

The Mavs are still in it with their 5 straight win 102-92

Song of the Day

“Killing in the Name” Rage against the Machine


how about you suck on these little chinese nuts

“I want to see you in the morning, I want to see you when the breaking day is dawning,

you gotta go you gotta and soo…”

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

On how I am genuinely nice, and polite I am.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant

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So today was a pretty lazy day. I woke up pretty good in the morning got that well needed rest since being up and about yesterday at Regionals. I woke up to see the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Boston Celtics game. And it was pretty good until the Lakers blew up and the Celtics won. Though, Kobe Bryant did pretty good since he scored 41 points. For your information, if Kobe Scores more than 35 most likely the Lakers will lose. He has to share and facilitate the ball. And then I guess I was wrong again because the AFC lost badly. And that’s an understatement. It’s okay, I had a couple of my boys from the Oakland Raiders in there. Good Job boys.

New addiction to the Blog, i will post scores to the biggest games of the day. And an inside look so beware of that.

Tomorrow, I don’t have school but tomorrow is what I call homework day because I have tons of stuff to do. Ahh, I’m going to hate it but I got to get over it.

Song of the day

“Light in the Morning” by Band of Skulls

when the wheels coming down.

“Keep you in the dark, you know they all pretend. keep you in the dark, and so it began.”

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

That i can basically own you at comebacks, come at me dog.

The English Yu-Gi-Oh! logo.

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So today was pretty chill. I basically spent my whole day with the guys. 8am-10pm, repping Shuffle and Cut at the Yugioh! Regionals. It was at the Anaheim Convention center, and that was pretty badass. No lie, first we didn’t get parking because we didn’t want to pay 12 so we parked in a hotel parking lot for free. Then Zach pulled a Formula Synchron and a Tuning. Tyler pulled a Formula Synchron and a Gravekeeper’s Recruiter. AND Jeremy, guess what i pulled him a Glow Blow!  For you none yugioh people that’s this Glow=30, formula=5, tuning=4. that’s the life man no lie. I sold some cards and made some money it was pretty great. Jeremy and Tyler went 4-4, Alex and Zach went 3-5. Then Zach basically sold his deck for 300 plus. Tyler for about 200 and Alex for about 200. So yugioh is basically done for us. Now just counting up the days until Zach leaves.  

So tomorrow is the Probowl, and we got the AFC winning it. And also the Los Angeles Lakers devouring the Celtics for the first game in their season series.

Los Angeles Lakers logo

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song of the day

“the pretender” by the Foo Fighters

superbowl prediction

“it ain’t no fun if a nigga, can’t havee none.”

Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

I wish i didn’t know Jeff.

So all of today was spent at Shuffle and Cut basically. Why?, because were are going to the Yugioh! Regionals at Anaheim.

The English Yu-Gi-Oh! logo.

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Wish us luck, i might do good. I am playing my Exodia FTK/OTK(final turn kill, or one turn kill.) that is because once it’s my turn i win, most of the time.  Tyler, is going to be running his Scrap deck. Zach is going to be running his Infernity. Alex his Blackwings, Jeremy his Lightsworn, and Israel his Six Samarias. Wish us luck, hopefully one of us gets top 32. But we don;t really give a flying swat.

But its seems like it’s right around the time when i have to give my Superbowl winner and my Probowl pick. For the Probowl, i see the AFC winning again but by a good amount, my score is 28-17. Now if you have been reading up with my stuff you would know that I already told you guys who i wanted to win the Superbowl XLIV. That is the Greenbay Packers. All day son, from the beginning of the season, actually before the season started i thought that Greenbay was going to the Superbowl. I also thought that the Dallas Cowboys were too, but that luckily didn’t work out. I aslo said that my favorite team the Raiders were going to go 8-8 but miss the playoffs. I was correct on most of the accounts, as my friend Conner, he knows it because i told him that in our English Class. I think that this will be a very exciting game but it will be won in a final drive by Aaron Rodgers.

song of the day

” ain’t no fun” by Snoop Dogg and others

big assets, or big asses?

“somebody else, someone likeeee you”you know that i can get

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

That would probably be Alex.

So today was pretty fun. I had to wake up really early in the morning for my 8 a.m class. There was this hot girl with the best fucking butt I ever seen in my life. We got paired into groups but didn’t talk much. Next Tuesday, I’ll probably start someone to get a conversation going. The I hung out with Mikey and Troy for a bit. I had class but then got out early and then went with Mikey and Troy to eat what is probably the best pizza at Angelo’s and Vincettes. You guys gotta try it, it’s off of Harbor and Chapman in Fullerton.

Then after we ate me and Jeremy had to take our gigatous ass across the street to get into class. We were so full but got there way before class started. That class wasn’t as bad as well. Time flew by, we did jeopardy questions and my team won. Plus, I don’t think I failed the test/quiz so I’m stocked about that.

I slept most of the day, awoke and was on Xbox Live since. We were talking shit and roasting my friends. Please feel the need to talk shit on the following people:

Israel Flores, he now works at the Taco Bell at Harbor and La Habra Blvd. please feel free to leave bad complaints and on the comment section write that he has a gigantous ass. His link to his Facebook is…..!/profile.php?id=100000322328174 leave him gay shit, because he’s into that. his phone number by the way is 562) 217-7773. Leave him the good shit.

Now on to Zach,. He’s the fag that wants to go to the Army. He’s getting a tattoo basically that say’s “if you don’t ask i won’t tell”. He’ll be joining the army soon, and if he goes thru with it then he’s my boy but if he doesn’t then he likes the DIACK. his Facebook is ….!/profile.php?id=100000520641929 and his phone number you lucky me is….. 562) 665-9263..

And finally we have the Situation aka Alex. This motherfucker is like 35 years old. He goes to community college. I fucking hate this guy with a passion but he;s still a friend. He’s cool and all but takes things too seriously. I’ll leave his Facebook and other stuff for later because he hasn’t talked shit on me yet.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

song of the day

“use somebody” by Lings of Leon

dear pepsi, you never hear about a pepsi addict, sincerely coke

“I’d like to be, under the sea. in an octopuss garden in the shade.”

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

The person that probably treated me like hell and like shit would be my brother but then again it’s all brotherly love.

Today was a slow day. I was cleaning up things and found the project I did back in the day. It was pepsi versus coca cola. it was like this, I but coke and Pepsi in little plastic cups without the labels. and you had to tell me before hand if you liked coke or Pepsi better. then you tasted it and tried to guess which was which. Turned out in the end that only like 5 people out 100 got it right. the rest just thought they liked the one they said. when it came  time for them to see which one they liked they struck out.

Old logo still in use in Pepsi Tins made in Pa...

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A Coke pin

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Unfortunately all my friends are going to frank’s and sons without me because I have night class. FML, I wanted to go and sell cards for extra cash but I guess not anymore. What’s next, I have to leave pretty soon for my 5 hour class. Ahh, I probably going to start hating that class but I gotta take it so I don’t have to redo that class again.

I heart Boobies. Support the cause. C:

So which do you like, Pepsi or Coke? and do you think your up for the challenge to see if you correct or your mind is fooling you.?

Song of the Day

“Octopus Garden” by The Beatles

Jack in the Box or Jack in the Crack

“Isn’t it a shame the way we cheat each other, treat each other,
beat each other? It’s a shame the way we use one other, abuse one another,
and screw one another, it’s true.”

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.
My mother is the reason wh my life is worth living to this point because i want her to see that i can succeed.

First paperback edition book cover

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So today I had to wake up early as usual for my 8 am class. that was a drag, I still need to buy the books for that class which I desperately need. we talked a lot about Afghanistan because it was the introduction and history to the book “The Kite Runner“. I think that the book will be pretty interesting, I read a bit of it during freshman year in high school. But i sorta gave up in the book and started reading “Pride and Prejudice” . I should have stayed with the book because I would have some background knowledge on the book and plus I gave up on that book and read the cliff notes on it.




I went after class with Mikey and Troy to the cafeteria and we all bought some of the best muffins we have had in years. it was well worth the 2 bucks I paid for it.  After that I went home with Israel and we went to Jack in the Box for breakfast. It was so worth it too, I got the extreme sausage and it was delicious. Now doing all the homework for Biology of Insects and Spiders. That’s a bust I mean it’s due on Thursday but its a lot of work: jeopardy questions, outlines, work book and questions. FML, but somehow ill get it done.Tomorrow i only have a night class so that’s cool too,

Song of the day

“Make you Crazy” by Brett Dennen


Hope for the Hopeless (album)

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