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it’s Christmas and it all going down as we speak.!

Just ate some pozole and the dirty laundry has just been going out. We are all at the table and if you’re not watching your back then your shit’s getting out,. everyone is getting ripped. And once you get ripped on you better have a good comeback because if you don’t you dirty laundry will come out the. I just left the table because i didn’t want to hear what they said. The whole living room is dirty with sunflower seeds. haha The only part that i felt sorry was yesterday when all the kids were opening their presents and one of my cousins didn’t have one. I didn’t have any either but this is a little kid, im too old to care now. If i knew this i would have gotten him something even though i don’t like them that much.

Word of the day: Recalentado

This means the after party on the next day.Why, because there is left over food and you don’t want to waste money. We are all cheap in this economy. And mexicans’ take advantage of this, hey if you can’t beat them, eat at their house the next day. 🙂

Oh yeah, Happy Christmas!


Killer Clown’s in Outer Space

What is my family thinking.! I think that it is pretty crazy that a family tradition that we have for Christmas Eve is watching horror movies with the little kids.

Two years ago, to entertain the kids and to pass by time we played them a movie. It actually turned out to be a horror movie, and the kids actually liked it. haha, go figure but now that’s like a family tradition. Last year, we watched what i think was the Scary Movie series and i think House of a Thousand Corps. Now i heard that today we might be seeing Killer Clowns in Outer Space.

i find it quite crazy that we do this but were not your average family. One of my cousins is missing a finger, well half a finger because she chopped it out. One of my cousins husband has a hernia. So those are the people who are easy targets. Then it all gets personal, people will tell it all, so then that their dirty laundry isn’t thrown out. The funny thing is that if the adult doesn’t want to say anything you can always bribe the kid. That’s the potluck C:

6 more hours till Christmas!

It doesn’t even feel like Christmas.

What am i doing?, it’s christmas eve but it feels like it’s another friday. We have all the decorations and the nine yards yet I do not feel this joy that I have experienced in other years. I know my little sister is very excited to see what she getting and so is my brother because this is the first year he really doesn’t know what he is getting.

My family is having our little gathering today at like 5p.m.-ish, and I don’t wanna say I’m not excited but I’m not trilled. And it doesn’t have to do anything about not getting any present, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I think it might have been also the down pouring of the rain that has taken over SoCal. Lots of people are now homeless or not in their homes for a time period because of the flooding.

I wish them all well and wish you guys all a Merry Christmas. Tomorrow their will be the chisme(gossip in spanish) that happens at the family gathering. Why, because at holidays my family tells it all to anyone that comes into their territory. If they have a problem with you, you will know it. HAHA, so expect a juicy post on Christmas.

Trivia: Where did line come from?

MERRY Christmas you filthy animal, and a happy new year.

last minute shopper.

so I am getting ready to do what is hopefully my last-minute shopping before christmas eve,.

I have found out that I’m not into Christmas like i have been in recent year. Why, I don’t know but I have come with one reason. You can’t get into the Christmas spirit unless you’re a child or you have one. I think this is the reason I’m not into it.

When I was a child, I would always count to this day because who doesn’t love tons of presents at one time. The added bonus that my cousin and siblings were with me and receiving gifts was also a reason I wanted to get stuff. It was the joy of getting the newest toy or electronic.

And if you’re a parent, then you have that joy of trying to give your kid everything that you never had. So you always try to get them all they want no matter what. I can remember when my mom used to get my brother and me millions of gifts. While she didn’t receive any, then one christmas i noticed this and asked her why she was happy she told me that it made her happy just seeing our faces and our happiness and that she didn’t need anything at all. She is a single parent so there was no one to give her a present. Now that changed, we have a big bash with our relatives and do gift exchanges.

Before I leave to go shopping for my sister, I want to leave you with this thought.

I didn’t even ask for a present this year, and I think if I don’t receive anything at all that I would  be okay with that. I am probably gonna be happier why, cause now I can understand why my mom had this joy of watching us opening presents.  and now I can share this joy because im getting the presents for my sister, and I’ll be able to see her joy.

I killed the Bieber!

So as I wrote before, I’ done with shopping. It was quite fun too, just getting for presents that weren’t mine. I didn’t even have to bug anyone to buy me this or that. So that’s good. I practically got her everything she wanted. Which is a major plus, because I got it all done in like two hours. 🙂 and as a bonus I got my brother something too,. so all in all I did great today.

What did surprise me today was that there were like freaking MANY MANY Justin Bieber clothing.! I was looking for tee shirts of him and practically they saved a whole aisle just for him. COME on are you serious? Instead of promoting other things, they are practically abusing this poor young boy,  take that back girl. I dislike him, and I can’t wait till the he hits puberty and plummet down to gutters..

Someone needs to stop that madness. I was okay with my sister being gaga over High School Musical and Camp Rock. But this a whole new enchilada.!, If someone does stop this craziness I’m do something about it.

Christmas Eve, here I come.!

Gimme a Break!

This is blog, it will be about my life and the experiences that I encounter on a day-to-day basis. I will only use first name’s to keep the privacy of my family, friends, and other parties.

First of all I’m Eric, what can i say about myself. I’m 19, hispanic and confused. I’m trying to find out what’s the meaning of my life, so to say the purpose. Lately I’ve found myself wandering around aimlessly doing nothing. I have a daily routine and i need to fix it.

My daily routine goes as this wake up, eat, go on Xbox live(gamertag: Wegglish) , call friends, hang out and then play yugioh. This routine isn’t what i always do but since the holiday break, it what i have done since this week. But the problem with my routine is that im NINETEEN. I need a job but in this economy no one can get one. The problem occurs when they look at my résumé and they don’t see a work experience, then they say they aren’t interested. How can anyone get a job if they don’t have work experience.! They are trying to get this job to get the work experience to show other employers in the future that they are capable of working. Do you get where i’m going. It’s a paradox, and none of us non-experienced workers can get a break.

Lord Gimme a Sign.