The Media does it again!.

So something needs to be done again!.       

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Wow the world needs to change, and so do these news stations. I am getting fed up that we are going to be exposed by Nuclear Radiation.

No we aren’t. I would like to get that out. I am getting tired of how the media gets one piece of information and makes it even worse. There is no possible, well some what, way that radiation will travel all across the Pacific Ocean and reach the West Coast. That’s freaking retarded. That stupid.

But i guess that’s news worthy

That’s how it has been these past couple of months. First it was eruptions in Eygpt and how they were rebelling. They were trying to get us scared that we shouldn’t be involved or else terrorist act will come upon us. Then there was the acts of Lybia and how we shouldn’t do anything there too or else we could be in trouble of this danger again.

They then caught up on a Charlie Sheen little note and made it a big deal. For days, that was the only thing you would hear on the news. It would be Charlie Sheen said this, and then said that. I am guilty of that too, because if you read post before this I was caught up on the Sheen Drama. But it needed it to stop. Unfortunately, Japan had to take the spotlight and had an 9.0 earthquake. This has been on the news everyday since.

I think that needs to stop as well. What needs to be stopped are these news stations making the viewers frighten over something that will not happen. They should focus on helping these poor Japanese people out not worrying about our on health and safety.

We have more of a chance of getting an earthquake strike us than get radiation because of the Meltdown in Japan. it’s plain old stupid.

How about we get more people prepared for an earthquake. That seems to be more educational and informative than getting scared over radiation. That way we are more able to survive and less damage will occur. But thank the lord that Japan was ready for this because they have the strictest building codes or else, that earthquake could and would have killed more and done more damage. They also had an alert seconds after the earthquake so these Japanese people had a chance to do something. Unfortunately some Japanese people didn’t have enough time. My prayers are out to them and their families.

Come on media. Let’s focus our attention on something more important because I am getting tired of it. I know that more people are getting tired as well so lets just do this on time.

Or else the next person that tells me have you heard about the radiation coming over here or are you prepared is getting their fucking faces smashed!

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  2. We do are talking about the same things

    • thanks. i saw your blog it seems interesting.
      how do you put videos directly.
      becausei want to do the same as your do without just putting the link and having them go on to another site.

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