Tornadoes, Tornawoes.

A rope tornado in its dissipating stage. Tecum...

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This post is going to be short because i hope that the tornadoes predicted for next week will be short and done with as well.

The South is going to get hit hard during Easter and the next week.

tornadoes and horrible weather are in store for the South.

I for one, will be praying for people out there because shits going to get tough.

I heard that the worst time is going to be around monday and Tuesday.

Please be safe.

The weather in SoCal looks gloomy. Haha, I have always wanted to say that in a real situation.  But Easter might have to be indoors this year.

I don’t think that it will clear up unless if you put a tarp and then prepare for tomorrow. Which I suggest you to.

Remember y’all be safe C:

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