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wonder woman changes.!

finally, after many complaints the creators of the new up and coming show “Wonder Woman” things are going to change.


Image by Colony of Gamers via Flickr

Everyone seemed to bash first on the the female that they chose to be Wonder Woman. That is if you don’t know by now: Adrianne Palicki. I don’t know about you. But to me, she looks mighty fine to be Wonder Woman. I’ll tune in for sure just to watch her and that suit.

 this was the suit before.—>

i still think that is pretty fine. But i can see how many people where complaining because this was a show/ comic that everyone loved. They have their right to express themselves. Now it some pictures have leaked. I think the creators leaked them in purpose to show them we can listen and improve.

Now look at the before and after:

You can now notice how the two compare. Though the second one isn’t quite like the original it is still better than the first suit. But if you can notice they changed the boot color and type of show now it is a regular boot and not a heel. There still needs to be changes but time will only tell.Which by the way. The first seemed like they bought it from Party City. Nobody fights crime in that. Nobody.

Doesn’t matter what suit she has to be in, I am still watching it!



we are all immigrants!

Today I found out that I had some two essays due.

Cover of

Cover of The Kite Runner

First first one with I am already done with luckily it’s not due till april the 12. That is about the kite runner. So as I wrote before that I though the book was going to be a flop. Well, I guess I judged that book by its cover when i shouldn’t have. The book was actually really good. I can now see why it was a best seller. It is about a afghan boy, Amir road to redemption after betraying his best friend/ brother. Khaled Hosseini depicts and describes Afghan so good, that you can feel that you are part of it. The tension between Pashtuns‘ and Sunnis is incredible. I strongly suggest you read this book. It is well written. It has action, love, fear, tragedy and much more. Now my next goal is to sum up the essay and watch the movie and see how horrible it is compared to the book. I bet my expectations will be met because this book is incredible.

 We are also doing an assignment about our heritage. So that seems like a boner kill because we have all these due dates and if we don’t meet them then we are fucked. So i am not that happy. I liked how she pointed out that no one is really from america because there is no more true native americans in this continent. So we are all immigrants.

So that brings me to my next question.

Why is it that we treat the recent immigrants badly(most notable illegal) when we all have been immigrants in our family. Think twice because your ancestors had to struggle with this and got the opportunity. So let’s give these people a chance and let’s be able to help them out.

“Friday” song writer finally speaks out.

Rebecca Black at PLNU!?

i think we all already know who Rebecca Black is and how the word Friday is killed by now.

We have seen many people bash this song saying how it is the worst song and autotune can’t help her, i was one of them. And if you don’t know now you know. this song is YouTube‘s most dislike video with about 1.3 million dislikes. But that’s not what i am talking about for now.

Finally the writer of this song is stepping and  taking the blame for this horrendous song. The man is Patrice Wilson, he is the creator of Ark Factory Music, the label that signed Ms. Black.

There was some reports that he was a mean tough type of guy but he was described in the L.A. Times article as nice and well-groomed. He said that he thought this song was going to be a hit and it was but affected Ms. Black poorly. This is because everyone started bashing her out.  He tried to make things good-by saying that the song is suppose to be “catchy and simple” and that nobody bashed pop songs their “catchy and simple.”

The Article is right here:

You be the judge. She might have wanted fame but now the girl is Infamous. Though celebrities like Miley Cyrus who said and i quote “it should be harder to be an artist”, but many more celebrities like Jay Leno and Lady Gaga have come her to defense.

Weather or not if it was Wilson who made the song or not. They had a hit, going 19th on itunes and making huge tv apperances.

 What’s your take on this?

Los Angeles Royals/OC Royals?

You might be wondering what is up and what does that mean.

No we are not getting the Kansas City Royals(baseball team), what this does mean is that there is a strong possibility that a NBA team will come to town and stay put. IT seems as the owners of the Sacramento Kings are ready to move and this past year before the deadline they chose Anaheim.

The logo of the Rochester Royals.

Image via Wikipedia


What this means is that Anaheim might get a basketball team by next year.      

Which is sort of pissing off Sacramento. They are losing everything. I feel sorry for them because that city is one of the few cities that deserves a team. They have support that team in its highs during the early 2000’s and through its recently lows.

The owners have already filed for trademarks and other things to make this thing smooth. If you are wondering why they changed names it is because los Angeles already has a King’s team which is the L.A Kings (Hockey). So out of respect they didn’t take that name and changed their name to their original name since they came out as a team the Rochester Royals.

The deal is not final because senate leaders still have to choose if they are going to allow this but all signs are pointing to a yes.

I think it is good and bad. First, bad because it is a limited market because just down a couple of cities is Los Angeles.  Which already has two teams. This will spilt revenue between the Clippers and Royals then. But it does seem good because it offers other people from SoCal to experience a basketball team and love one as Sacramento had done before. The team still need to redo its lineup before it can go up but hey they can probably do that before the Clippers. They have taken ages to recover and be half a team that the Lakers have been.

What’s your take on this?

The Kennedy’s

Jacqueline Kennedy in Fort Worth, Texas, Novem...

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The movie is final coming out.  I think it was Lifetime who orders to make the movie but they had to canceled it because many people thought it wasn’t accurate.

Now it seems that the channel REELZ is going to show it on TV for the first time. It is airing on Sunday April 3 at around 7p.m.

There is big buzz about this movie because everyone wants to know why is it different and controversy. I was wondering the same thing.

It stars Katie Holmes-Cruise, Tom Cruise wife. I have seen videos and pictures of her in the famous Jackie Kennedy pink suit she wore the day of her husband death.

So i know there will be many people watching and many shows talking about it on Monday to see if it lived up to its controversy or it if flopped.


So what do you think?, Does Katie, in the Left, look like her.? You be the Judge

Rage Against the Machine News!

MTV, launched on August 1, 1981, playing music...

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So MTV is doing this thing. Sort of like March Madness for College Basketball but for Musical Bands.

What the Fuck, you might be thinking. why because MTV doesn’t associate itself with Music now a days. Seems like they are only doing stupid reality shows and other shows.

Rage Against The Machine End of set, before le...

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Anyways help Rage out!. They are up against My Chemical Romance. Yes, what and why would they up a stupid bad like MCR against THE RATM! So lets pull an upset as it seems that Rage is behind and help out the cause. Why, because Rage always helps out causes that need support, and now they need our support.

So go on to this link:  and vote for them as many times as you can. I think you can only vote once but keep trying to vote more than once. And spread the word. Word to Word mouth is the best for situation like these.

I also made a video on it, spread it around okay?

You never know, if they win this thing, Rage might surprise us with a Free Concert like they did to UK. Remember Rage fans we did upset that X-Factor person for the top single during Christmas. We can and are known to help out causes. Do you part.

Because once you are a Rage fan, you are ALWAYS a RAGE fan!

The Link again is

Teen Mom gone crazy!

MTV, launched on August 1, 1981, playing music...

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as you can see. The Reality star Jenelle got into a brutal fight with some girl. Fortunately she was one the winning end. Unfortunately, this might get her into trouble, as you can see Janelle goes up to this girl, “Brittney”, and starts talking shit.

Then Jenelle goes up to the other girl, and sucker punches the girl. Then you can see and hear her friends instigating it and encouraging it to go on. She clearly beats the shit out of the other girl, and you can see toward the end the girl can defend her self yet Jenelle still keeps on attacking. Until they pull her away because the other girl starts bleeding.

The fight supposedly started over Jenelle’s boyfriend. Though this is unsure.

This isn’t probably going to help Jenelle’s case to try to get her son any sooner. I for one am getting tired of this shit, these girls are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.

The sad thing is that even though MTV promotes teen safety and stuff, I bet in the bottom of their hearts they love that this is happening because these poor girls are giving up their lives to be on TV. They are supporting teen pregnancy. It’s like Tobacco companies putting up commercials about how smoking is bad, they are still getting their brand on tv and that’s a win for them as well.

The FCC needs to do something about this, and doo it now!