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what’s my motherfucking name

“it’s october the twenty-third, its such a funny word, i touch the grass and makes me amazing”

Monday monday monday. I have to finish my rough draft by today before i get my ass whooped by my teacher. What else. I freaking despise I don’t know why too. I think it’s because she ask too much from us. yes yes i know know but its a college class but still. This lady gives us time to do our work and group projects in class but she talks during the whole time. So we never get anything done. Ahhhh

I started looking for jobs again. I feel pretty good this time, if you anyone that hiring hook me up yeah C: I also have to do my fasfa before its due or else i won’t get any money. And who doesn’t want free money. I mean come on. come on!

I have a long day/week a head of mee because i have a project on Wednesday,. two test on thursday and an essay due. fuckk my vida.

Games of the day

Chicago blazed over the wizards 105-77

Boston barely beat the Nuggets 107-102

Channing Frye game winner helps the Suns beat the Nets 104-103

Song of the Day

“freestyle 1” eyedea


whose doubting them now?

“laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

Oscars Beautiful

Image by Roobee via Flickr

Sunday Sunday.What a whack sunday it was sunday it was,. First of all, good day y’all. Second it’s the Oscars. Many people are saying that James Franco did bad hosting the gig. eH, so what, who cares I say. That man is a genius, and a great actor. People are jealous that they weren’t chosen to host the Oscars. The Winners I saw were, Natalie Portman for best actress, Colin something for the kings speech-best actor, and the King speech for best film.

I agree with the first one because Portman did a great job in the Black Swan, but others I can’t really say anything about them because I haven’t watched the King Speech. Which means, it’s on my list to watch.

I went to Jimmy’s again to trade some cards. I fooled little kids into buying cheap shit. Aha, and made some people buy my cards and I over priced them. I even got a card that’s worth 35 bucks for a card that worth 5 at the most.

Now off to sleep. i have an essay to bullshit tomorrow and a project to start.

Games OF the Day

Dallas over The Raptors 114-96

Carmelo and The Knicks over Miami 91-86

The Lakers stopping any Thunder in the morning 90-87

Song Of the Day

“Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dog

the experiment

can’t you see that it’s just raining, there no need to go outside”

What a day, what a day. Today was a pretty crazy day if i may say so myself. It started with going to shuffle with the guys plus shadow. Shadow is the nickname to this one guy that keeps on following us hence shadow. Plus we don’t talk to him as much because he’s out of the closet.  Enough of that, so we went to shuffle and had some good times. Fucked some bitches got some money. The usual, plus i got a couple of cards basically for free. Ha, anyways.

Then i went out hang out with my Godmother and Godfather. I basically stayed there the whole day. Watching various movies including: the karate kid, karate kid III, the american, indecent proposal, and the freaking amazing movie called the experiment. I mean this needs a post just by its self.

The movie is about 20 something guys(not age but amount) being tested for a research. In the end, if they follow the rules they all get 14g’s. So they ask them various questions beforehand like have you been in jail, and other things. They get selected. This is where their told that they are going to simulate the life in a prison. Some become guards and the rest prisoners. I’ll end it there so leave it up to your mind. If you still reading this and not going to get the movie then slap yourself.  Do it now, this is one movie you won’t regret watching and paying for. Don’t even rent it buy it, and if im wrong message me and ill buy it off you. Because someone needs to knock the sense into you. Just playing but people have different taste. but seriously go and get it.

Games of the Day

Dallas over the Wizard 105-99

Boston barely by Clippers 99-92

 Bulls stomp over the Bucks 83-75 


Song of the Day

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

where amazing happens.

“”Must I always be waiting waiting on you? Must I always be playing playing your fool?”

Jack Johnson performing at the 2008 Bonnaroo M...

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Rainy, Rainy day. It is February 23, 2011. And by chance it is also the birthday of my little brother, or should i say older brother, well a year older. He turned 16 today, he’s getting old and that means im older. As much as i hate him, i love him as or more than that too. He has done everything i asked of him and more. Without him, my family would be different. As I don’t get along with my sister, at least to the level that i do with my brother.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, North Ame...

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I used to remember when he and I used to play Super Nintendo 64 or super Mario Bros. funny thing about that was that my mom was a pro at that game. She was better than us, wtf? When I bought my first pack of Yugioh!, Starter Deck Yugi, i gave half of it to my brother. He has always been there and i have been there for him most of the time.  So I WANT TO SAY TO HIM, BECAUSE I KNOW HE READS THESE THANKS!

On to different news. Today was a fucking great day. I hung out with my friends. And it was a blast. We went to Jimmy’s Warehouse and SuperCards or something like that. And i traded some cards for better cards. I mean these guys are idiots. They traded me good stuff for my stupid stuff. We definitely are going back C:

Then I came home to some tostadas yum yum yum. HA, they were to die for. And played a game of ascension with my brother, a couple of cards games. And watched the lakers own the city once again.

Tomorrow, maybe Franks?,,,

Games of the Day

The Lakers take the City crown again like years before hand 108-95

The Spurs late run stop Williams first game 107-106

There was no magic for the Thunder as Orlando trampled them over 111-88

Song of the day

Sitting Waiting Wishing” by Jack Johnson 


i guess its the Thunder!

“lately things don’t seem to go that way, im having trouble and i don’t know why, ‘cuse me while i kiss the sky

I knew it. Didn’t I tell you guys. Who left, right before the trade deadline. And it’s the Celtics making a move, but was it a bad move. They trade Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins to The OKC Thunder for Delonte West and someone else. I think that the Celtics lost on that one. I mean come on, Perkins is the only reason they lost last year. Now they are counting on both of the O’Neals to be where they have been in there prime. but they are in the opposite direction, old. Both have two to three years left in the league if that. They aren’t going to get as far as they did last year.

That’s a shame because i wanted to see another Lakers v Celtics Finals. Now that gives the west a little more trouble because the Thunder have a fire in the paint. They will be more known and i would be afraid to play them again in the playoffs. Btw, the Celtics are now relying Delonte West to be the backup for Pierce and we know that isn’t going to happen. Even better new for the Knicks and maybe other lower seed contenders in the East.

Also Mo Williams and Jamario Moon leave Cleveland to The Clippers. While the Cavs get Baron Davis and another first round pick from Clippers. That two top ten  picks. That really good for Cleveland who is rebuilding again. I wish them well. Charlotte I think messed up on giving up Gerald Wallace to Portland. That will greatly help Portland in the playoffs if they make it. And the Hornets messed up but got some player that they think they need. Hopefully they don’t mess up.

Lets see who this turns out in april/may.

Games of the Day

Chicago over the Heat 93-89

The Melo-less Nuggets over the Perkin-less Celtics 89-75

someone is going but who is.?

“You know what the Midwest is? Young & Restless/ Where restless (Niggas) might snatch your necklace. And next these (Niggas) might jack your Lexus. Somebody tell these (Niggas) who Kanye West is”

So there is only 13 hours till the trade deadline. And i know one more big name players is going. But where?, and who?,…. i guess by tomorrow morning we will know that answer. It seems like everyone is changing places.

Also the new yugioh ban list is out. And they apparently do not like the Sam’s, the plants and the Goyo’s. Ha, seems like it will be a good time for my produce deck to rise above them all. I got a Mist Wurm for 10 when it usually goes for 15-19. Yesterday I was pissed because i was 2 dollars away from getting Krystia. A card that is worth 200. Yes ladies and gentlemen. 2 fucking bills. If i didn’t buy that one card i would of had 3 bucks, and i would have definitely put in that money inside the machine. And guess what, i would have been the one that got it. Ahhhh.

it’s okay, im not that mad. my friend Jeremy is the one that should be mad because that would have been his because he had 5 dollars and he was going to go up next but decided to wait untill later. ha, so i have class in the morning so its about that time where i leave kiddos.


Games of the Day

Carmelo shines in his first game as the Knick pass by the Bucks 114-108

The Lakers come back from behind against red hot Blazers 106-101

There was no Thunder in San Antonio as the Spurs toppled them 109-105

Song of the Day

“Jesus Walks”  by Kanye West

seems like everyone wants to go to the east coast

“Sitting courtside Knicks and Nets give me high-5.  Nigga, I be Spiked out. I could trip a referee …tell by my attitude that I’m MOST DEFINITELY FROM…”

New Jersey Nets logo, 1998–present

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So everyone is heading out east now huh. Or should i say New York, and New Jersey. One day after the Carmelo deal to send him to the ‘Knicks, we get Deron Williams to The Nets. Seems like there was some tension with Deron after legendary coach Jerry Sloan left. And as well, since the team was going the wrong direction that it had been in earlier years.  Seems like the Russian owner had to get something going for his team to be somewhat relevant. Nobody wants to be in the place that the Cleveland Caveliers were this year.

So it seems like the East is staking its rooster to make it a great playoff experience. Though it seems very unlikely that the Nets will be any good to make it to the playoffs. But het it’s the nba and in the nba anything can happen.

Lets us just get something out. The Los Angeles Lakers will three-peat to send off Phil Jackson the right way. Why, because Phil only wins championships in three’s.

Games of the Day

Miami over the Kings 117-97

The Ibaka and the Thunder showed Blake who owns at the Game 111-88

and the Los Angeles Lakers over the Hawks 104-80