Lend your Hand, and more to Japan

“If I wrote you a symphony, Just to say how much you mean to me (What would you do?) If I told you you were beautiful. Would you date me on the regular? (Tell me would you?)”

So as you have all learn, the quake has hit Japan hard. They are in need of desperate help. We all can help by doing little things. Giving money, to charities that are real. There are many scammers so we need to be careful in times like these. Also because most of us are struggling from day-to-day. So lend out your hand and help.

These next Links are here to here you find them fast. All are real.

American Red Cross:


Global Giving Foundation:


Save the Children Federation:


Salvation Army:


AmeriCARES foundation:


convoy of help:


International Medical Corps:


Shelter Box USA:


Yes i know most of these are to the same website but if you look on the left hand corner of the page it has different charities. So you can pick and choose to whichever you want to give to.

If you want to donate to the Red Cross but not that website, here is the one from their website just choose Japan and follow the directions:


Hopefully this makes you want to help out. C: and support other human beings. Remember this those once in a lifetime moments when you can think of someone else. The times we have had like these are limited and that is a good thing. Katrina, and Haiti. Let’s not forgot about those people and just give and share. These people did not deserve it, nor anyone should.

Games of the Day

The Heat went hunting and caught the Grizzlies red-handed  118-85

Kobe and the crew were too much to handle for The Mav’s 96-91

There was no Blaze for the Blazers as they lose to Hot Lanta 91-82

Song of the Day

“My Love” We Came As Romans

Note again: not the Justin Timberlake version but the we came as romans


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