Quake and travesty in Japan!

“It’s been so long,  that I haven’t seen your face,I’m trying to be strong, but the strength I have is washing away. it won’t be long, before I get you by my side, and just hold you, tease you, squeeze you, tell you what’s been on my mind.”

So early in the morning, or yesterday we heard brief announcements that an earthquake has hit Japan. Unfortunately it is true. I woke up to find out the grim news as the world has. It is such a travesty.

I think that the news is covering it well. This also gives the viewers better news compared to Charlie Sheen updates. I think that he had his fun, but now it is time for him to grow up and shut up. He is trying to make headlines but we should stick our attention to Japan and helping its citizens.

I for one am going to try to see if I can go with the American RedCross to see if I can go with them as a volunteer. That way I can feel like im doing something to help someone else. C: wish me luck. and I’ll post updates if I can go and help,,,

But going on, I had a pretty relaxing day because I didn’t do much. For once I didn’t go to jimmies or try to play cards. Um what else. I have some conference with my teacher next Tuesday so I need to remember to go and take my essay.

Games of the Day

The 76’ers taking it late against Boston 89-86

Golden State taking it in the end against Orlando 123-120

The Bulls taught Atlanta a lesson kicking their ass 94-76

Song of the Day

Right now (Na Na Na)” by Asking Alexandria

Note: not the Akon verison check out this one, it is way way better.


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