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Oh wow, more reasons to dislike Obama.

Don’t get me wrong.

Bin laden

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I love that Osama was caught and now is dead. This is great for America and the rest of the world.

But then again this is bad for America and the rest of the world too.

Huh?, you might be saying it is that this is going to give Obama‘s political campaign more fucking vote.

fuck. fuck, fuck and fuck.

Even though you deny this, it’s going to happen. Either Obama is going to win big or lose by a little. The reason he’s going to get more votes is because Bin Laden is dead.

Oh wow, low blow. Like my teacher used to say, ‘The Masses are Asses’, meaning everyone is stupid. When they go and vote, they will think what Obama did, they vote for him for two stupid reasons 1 because ObamaCare and 2 because Bin Laden’s death.

This time though, more people will vote. I finally am going to vote because i was 17 when his election came up. This time I’ll be old enough to vote against him. It’s either the tea party or some (hopefully good) Republican.

I know more people will use the media to help or hurt him. I will use all i can, YouTube, Blogs, Rallies to not have him as president.

Stand up for your rights, and don’t be ignorant this time ! I Believe, and so shall you guys.


Mortal Kombat:Part 3

So the newest episode came out.

Johnny Cage

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As you know, in the last two episodes, we saw the stories of Jax, Sonya, and Kano. There was also a bit of Stryker, but not that much. There story was much about how Kano became an enemy of Jax and most importantly Sonya.

We also got the reason why Kano got the Metal on his face and that red eye ball. There was also that explanation on why Jax had the robotic arms.

This weeks episode was about Johnny Cage. You can watch it right below. Disclaimer, this is the uncensored version. There is a censored version of this episode on Machinima’s Youtube account.

This latest one focus only on Johnny Cage. It started with like a true hollywood story of Johnny Cage on he came to be a rising action start. Then it goes forward 3 years. Now Johnny Cage can’t get an acting Job and goes basically berserk trying to get a show or something out. After trying to get a show out, they reject him. Then the same producers that rejected him offer a similar role and job to one that Johnny Cage was trying to get out. Cage gets mad and then beats the shit out of that producer.

He then gets a strange visit from someone, it could be a helper of Shang Tsung but i couldn’t really tell. You just gotta wait and see.

Till next week Episode, Round THREE…..FIGHT! 

Mortal Kombat 2011 and Episode 2

So today was the release for the brand new Mortal Kombat game.

It has been in development for about 2 years and it is finally come out.


Image by bhautikjoshi via Flickr

It’s being brought out with mixed reviews as such it isn’t such a great game plot wise but some like the tournment mode in which in the end tells a story. That was the one thing that Mortal Kombat had over Street Fighter. Some are liking the game calling it the best Mortal Kombat to date, and some saying it is decent. I am not a profession game reviewer or what ever they are called but I think it is pretty great. They add a great collection of fighters Mortal Kombat only of course. They brought back Test your Might and new additions like Test you Strike, Test Your sight, and Test your  Luck. if you really want to find out what those modes are then I’ll just tell you to buy it your self. Then the story mode is pretty good, looks very good graphic wise, it seems throughout the story that it is actually part of the story even when you are fighting. Plus they have a zombie mode and a brand new tag team mode. which i think makes game even more playable. I think this will be what most people play online because matches will be longer but variations of teammates makes this an awesome combo.

I strongly suggest that you go out and buy it. Especially if you are a Mortal Kombat fan.

In other news,

Mortal Kombat (the movie) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation came out in DVD‘s today for the first time.

Mortal Kombat Legacy:

Episode 2 is out.

Watch it here: or on Machinima YouTube account.

It is shorter than the First and the first minute and so actually was recapping the event of the first. Which i thought killed some time, i mean we can watch the first part if we forgot and then watch this one. this on had more action. It shows how Kano got his metal plate on his face and red eyes. it also foretells on how Jaxs arms might have been replaced with robotic ones. All in All i like it.

“Friday” song writer finally speaks out.

Rebecca Black at PLNU!?

i think we all already know who Rebecca Black is and how the word Friday is killed by now.

We have seen many people bash this song saying how it is the worst song and autotune can’t help her, i was one of them. And if you don’t know now you know. this song is YouTube‘s most dislike video with about 1.3 million dislikes. But that’s not what i am talking about for now.

Finally the writer of this song is stepping and  taking the blame for this horrendous song. The man is Patrice Wilson, he is the creator of Ark Factory Music, the label that signed Ms. Black.

There was some reports that he was a mean tough type of guy but he was described in the L.A. Times article as nice and well-groomed. He said that he thought this song was going to be a hit and it was but affected Ms. Black poorly. This is because everyone started bashing her out.  He tried to make things good-by saying that the song is suppose to be “catchy and simple” and that nobody bashed pop songs their “catchy and simple.”

The Article is right here:

You be the judge. She might have wanted fame but now the girl is Infamous. Though celebrities like Miley Cyrus who said and i quote “it should be harder to be an artist”, but many more celebrities like Jay Leno and Lady Gaga have come her to defense.

Weather or not if it was Wilson who made the song or not. They had a hit, going 19th on itunes and making huge tv apperances.

 What’s your take on this?

Bullies Beware!

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

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as you can see, this bully doesn’t give a fuck. excuse my language little kids, but bullies beware. Times are changing and people do stand up for others and for, Casey Heynes, they stand up for themselves.

You can see the smaller kid is actually the bully. I was at first going oh shoot that’s the bully because i thought the bully was the bigger kid. But the bully is the smaller one.

You can see the smaller kid going up to Casey and talking to him and punching him. Until poor Casey got the courage to do something and stand up for himself.Casey picked up his bully and slammed him down. Then the bully stopped and he was able to go.

The video was shot by the kids watching. At the time, both Casey and the bully didn’t get into trouble. But once it spread like wildfire, punishments were handled down. Casey got a four day suspension and the bully got suspended for 3-4 weeks…

Criticism is coming for how they dealt this incident. Some say they were too harsh on the bully because he got slammed pretty bad, some say that Casey got off easy, some others say why did Casey even get punished at all.

I think that Casey should not have been punished. He was constantly bullied for most of his life. This was the one time he stood up for himself and told his bully to stop it. Unfortunately it was caught on video but then that helped him out as well. Because he has gotten so much support from people around the world tell him to stick up for him self.

So, do you think that he deserves that punishment, or need more or none.?

What’s your take on this?

It’s Friday

It doesn’t feel right anymore.

I don’t know why, it’s like Rebecca Black decided to kill the word Friday. Kind of like the Situation killed the word Situation.

Michael Scott (The Office)

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I hate when that happens. Because that’s all that’s going to be thought of when you think of Friday. It’s like a bad connotation. Though I’ll give props to the girl for accomplishing this rare feat at such a young age. I also want to kill a word. I don’t know what yet but if i ever know what the word is then I’ll be sure to mess it up.

Today’s topic is phrases.

These annoying catch phrase that go around and kill a word. Don’t you hate when that happens. I am most speaking of phrase like anything that has to do with the word “situation” or like when ‘that’s what she said‘ was hot. There are some people out in the world whose job is it to kill these words. It’s fucking annoying because they just don’t use it one but they use it lots times. I feel like smacking the ‘chedda’ out of them.

Remember when Michael Scott  aka Steve Carrel started using ‘that’s what she said’ and it exploded into an instant phenomenon. I was part of that usage but then people kept on over doing it. Then there was that person so said that every other word you would say. Trying to catch the perfect moment. I actually got into trouble once when someone over exposed that word. I got tired and push them to the ground.


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Then there was also the What would Jesus do… I wasn’t quite annoyed by that until everyone said that after every decision you made, like are you sure. Then that went even more global and they started making tee-shirts, bracelets, songs, and so on….

Now more people are starting to use the word situation more. It’s like what fuck. I asked you if you wanted to go out, I didn’t want you to repeat my question and reply with what’s the ‘situation’. Then you have to do the eyes and wink and point at me or yourself. I know what the fuck you mean, it has nothing to do with this yet you still dare to ruin our conversation and the mood.

If you have read earlier posts, you know how I feel about the Situation and the Jersey Shore cast. I think it’s a waste of time, not money because I know they are making money. Still it is making our industry and our pop culture look retarded. This is one of the points where people in the future look back  and go, if someone could have stopped this then America could have still be a Super Power instead of a third world country.

Enough of that, I can tell, you can tell, that the world or more like people who seen this video. Will start using the word Friday and blowing it over. I hate the word already because of the stupid song and now you have to put it into my face. Fuck that shit bro.

Going back to Rebecca Black she’s having new singles from two more albums. First one is called ‘August’ from her new album ‘Months of the Year’, and her other single ‘E’ from her third album called ‘Letters of the Alphabet’

P.S. I have started my profile and account on Youtube and that should be up and running in a couple of days. So be on the look out for that link and video. I also am doing a spin-off blog but sort of with the emphasis on sports and that’s for my internship for the L.A. Times. So two things to be aware of.

Rebecca Black= worst singer in history.

SO this post is dedicated to a video that has gone around. “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

If you haven’t seen it, click the link to watch it and then read this to be better prepared! <— official video.  

I seriously think it might be the worst song in the world. Seriously, I don’t know what this girl is thinking but I hope that she was just fucking around or something. I mean this probably takes the toll of the worst song of life. I thought before this that autotune can make anyone a singers then this song came out and ruined that hope for the rest of us. Like i thought Ke$has Tik Tok autotune was pretty horrible, but Rebecca makes Ke$ha look like she’s an experience singer!

My list of worst singers would be:

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and David Hasselhoff

BUT THIS GIRL AND THIS SONG proved me and the world wrong. Kim Kardashian must feel pretty good because this song came around the same time her song came out. So many people haven’t bashed her because everyone fixed on Ms. Black.

There are so many problems with this song that it is horrible!:

1. This girl looks at most 13 years old, and she’s supposably partying. Who the FUCK are her parents and why haven’t they been arrested? reminds me of a young Lindsey lohan, maybe maybe…..

2. Why is she telling us the days?, and repeating them as well. Yes you stupid little girl, i do know that thursday come first then friday and so on. I don’t need you to tell me the order!

3. Did you all notice all the kids look at most 12 yet the kid driving is totally underage. In the real fucking world that doesn’t happen. Unless your Justin Bieber or Jaden Smith you can’t do that.! Let’s not go on Bieber because i can roast that boy so hard, i would get a record deal.

 4. Who in the world is that singing/rapping her in video. He even has a verse saying that he’s being behind a bus or something. I hope and pray that he isn’t parting with them because if he is that fool needs to be arrested!.

5. The Seat Problem!, she goes i wonder where i am going to sit. When we can all see that there is no ROOM in the front! seriously why is she having a big dilemma about this. I wanna smack her across the face. Wait that’s too mean i wanna smack the person who came up with the son.

6. The AutoTune Problem!. You know if autotune is helping you sing but you still are sounding crappy then you are not meant to sing. It’s like god mixed Kim Kardashing, Paris Hilton, My mom, The Asian guy from American Idol, David Hasselhoff and everyone else you know that sucks at singing all together and times that by twenty and that’s her voice. 

Now Do you guys seriously think that the song was good, i’d like to get your input. Btw if you want to laugh your ass off you need to listen to this guys review of the song. You’ll laugh your ass off apparently. I thought it was funny at times but i have no sense of humor. So check it out.

It’s Kingsley Bitch:

By: Eric Robles