Nuclear Meltdown! and 9.0

Blame it on the goose. Got you feeling loose. Blame it on Patron
Got you in the zone. Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol
Blame it on the a a a a a a…”

So it seems like everyday seems to be getting worse for these poor japanese citizens and relatives worldwide. So there are reports that there could be a nuclear meltdown in once of their nuclear labs. It seems like the tsunami affected them and it can boiled up like the one we had in the 90’s. I don’t really know a lot about this as it is barely breaking news but this is grievous to all world. It could or could just be a myth and it could not even meltdown but they are in code red or level three. I don’t seem to recall.

Please Donate For Japan Earthquake

Image by naoK via Flickr

Also the Earthquake has been changed from being 8.9 to now being officially 9.0. Which would make it the Fourth strongest earthquake ever being recorded. I am stunned by that number. I am also being stunned because there is reports that they have had over 90 6.0 and below aftershocks and about 20 6.1 and above aftershocks since the big quake happened. That is just incredible. i mean, they are getting used to these quakes and wondering when are they going to stop.

Many of them are still stranded. There are reports that about 10,000 and counting are reported dead. The numbers will counting to rise as it devastated the country. Also it seems that water is running low and many can’t use cars or trains to get around. Many have to walk home as it is. Help is on the way but one has to think how much help will it take. IF YOU WANT TO HELP GO TO MY LAST POST AND THERE ARE LINKS TO MAKE CHARITIES YOU CAN GIVE TO. Like that one move, pay it forward and lend a hand.

Lets all just keep them in our prayers because it can and will only get better from now on.

Games of the Day

The Celtics went on hunting for the Bucks as they cruised by them 87-56

The Warriors showed no mercy to the Wolves by humiliating them 100-77

  A’Mare’s 28 couldn’t help the Knicks as they lose to the Pacer’s 106-93

Song of the Day

“Blame it” Of Mice and Men

Note: This is the Of Mice and Men version not the crappy Jamie Foxx one

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