Charlie Sheen: The Essence of Losing

Charlie Sheen in March 2009

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So Charlie Sheen‘s My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option is a dud.

I am pretty sure it was in Detriot. Anyways, Let’s just say it wasn’t a great show. Or whatever he is calling it.

Reviews were out before the first show was even done. Let’s just say “Mars Needs Moms” will probably get higher reviews than this. People were all hyped about this thing. But then push came to shove and they were they were disappointed. Many people were saying that were there for his famous rants that has made him an internet star. But that it seemed so sad, it was just him was on drugs saying random things.

People were leaving before the show was done some let during the first minutes.  Most of the audience was gone before the show ended. Throughout the thing he was booed throughout. Some said that he sucked out loud and left. Though I gotta give it to him when he replied back “I already got your money dude”. That might have been the only thing that was good on Charlie sheens tour.

Some people waited outside to try to get their refunds. I don’t think they got their refunds. But still, if this was just the first show. imagine how other shows will be. HE showed up at the end of the show to tell the people who were still left thank you for supporting him.

The show at first seemed to look good at first. He showed clips of him and the various projects he has done. Then showed this little film he did “RPG”. Then that’s when the boo’s came. He started ranting that’s when the boo’s stopped but once they found out they weren’t funny it was an endless boo.

Some say they don;t think he will make it through al the shows. Some say that he can but we won’t find out till we do.

Charlie Sheen, a human tragedy. Can he turn around his life-like Robert Downey JR. did?

We will have to wait and see.

The shows name has lived up to it;s name Tornado of Truth. It never said it was going to be funny, just Charlie Sheen’s “truth”

Now what’s your take? Do you still think he is winning?


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