we are all immigrants!

Today I found out that I had some two essays due.

Cover of

Cover of The Kite Runner

First first one with I am already done with luckily it’s not due till april the 12. That is about the kite runner. So as I wrote before that I though the book was going to be a flop. Well, I guess I judged that book by its cover when i shouldn’t have. The book was actually really good. I can now see why it was a best seller. It is about a afghan boy, Amir road to redemption after betraying his best friend/ brother. Khaled Hosseini depicts and describes Afghan so good, that you can feel that you are part of it. The tension between Pashtuns‘ and Sunnis is incredible. I strongly suggest you read this book. It is well written. It has action, love, fear, tragedy and much more. Now my next goal is to sum up the essay and watch the movie and see how horrible it is compared to the book. I bet my expectations will be met because this book is incredible.

 We are also doing an assignment about our heritage. So that seems like a boner kill because we have all these due dates and if we don’t meet them then we are fucked. So i am not that happy. I liked how she pointed out that no one is really from america because there is no more true native americans in this continent. So we are all immigrants.

So that brings me to my next question.

Why is it that we treat the recent immigrants badly(most notable illegal) when we all have been immigrants in our family. Think twice because your ancestors had to struggle with this and got the opportunity. So let’s give these people a chance and let’s be able to help them out.

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