“Friday” song writer finally speaks out.

Rebecca Black at PLNU!?

i think we all already know who Rebecca Black is and how the word Friday is killed by now.

We have seen many people bash this song saying how it is the worst song and autotune can’t help her, i was one of them. And if you don’t know now you know. this song is YouTube‘s most dislike video with about 1.3 million dislikes. But that’s not what i am talking about for now.

Finally the writer of this song is stepping and  taking the blame for this horrendous song. The man is Patrice Wilson, he is the creator of Ark Factory Music, the label that signed Ms. Black.

There was some reports that he was a mean tough type of guy but he was described in the L.A. Times article as nice and well-groomed. He said that he thought this song was going to be a hit and it was but affected Ms. Black poorly. This is because everyone started bashing her out.  He tried to make things good-by saying that the song is suppose to be “catchy and simple” and that nobody bashed pop songs their “catchy and simple.”

The Article is right here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2011/03/patrice-wilson-of-ark-music-friday-is-on-his-mind.html

You be the judge. She might have wanted fame but now the girl is Infamous. Though celebrities like Miley Cyrus who said and i quote “it should be harder to be an artist”, but many more celebrities like Jay Leno and Lady Gaga have come her to defense.

Weather or not if it was Wilson who made the song or not. They had a hit, going 19th on itunes and making huge tv apperances.

 What’s your take on this?

  1. July 2nd, 2011

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