Teen Mom gone crazy!


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as you can see. The Reality star Jenelle got into a brutal fight with some girl. Fortunately she was one the winning end. Unfortunately, this might get her into trouble, as you can see Janelle goes up to this girl, “Brittney”, and starts talking shit.

Then Jenelle goes up to the other girl, and sucker punches the girl. Then you can see and hear her friends instigating it and encouraging it to go on. She clearly beats the shit out of the other girl, and you can see toward the end the girl can defend her self yet Jenelle still keeps on attacking. Until they pull her away because the other girl starts bleeding.

The fight supposedly started over Jenelle’s boyfriend. Though this is unsure.

This isn’t probably going to help Jenelle’s case to try to get her son any sooner. I for one am getting tired of this shit, these girls are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.

The sad thing is that even though MTV promotes teen safety and stuff, I bet in the bottom of their hearts they love that this is happening because these poor girls are giving up their lives to be on TV. They are supporting teen pregnancy. It’s like Tobacco companies putting up commercials about how smoking is bad, they are still getting their brand on tv and that’s a win for them as well.

The FCC needs to do something about this, and doo it now!


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