Lidnsey News……

So Lindsey Lohan has decided if she is or isn’t going to take the plea deal.


The Verdict is no, she isn’t going to take the Plea deal. 








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Which proves to all America how stupid she really is. I mean, if I was sane and intelligent, which I think I am, then I would have taken it.

The big difference from the plea deal is: if she accepts then it’s only 17 days or so, but if she doesn’t and by some chance loses then she can face serious time like a 1 or more. I thought this girl had brains. Apparently she thinks she is going to win when there is CLEAR evidence that she did steal that jewelry.



 So by all god almighty, she better hope that she pulls something out because it looks like she is in a losing battle that might turn ugly.

It seems that she is going to change her last name to her mothers last name. As they think that might be a reason why she keeps on getting into trouble. Also so future references don’t mix then with Michael Lohan, Lidnsey father.


Other news/rumors have been spreaded that she is changing her name so that she’s only known as Lindsey. That way she becomes iconic, and is a One Name person like: Beyoncé or Cher

Do you think that she should have taken the plea deal or not,?

 Do you think that changing her name will get rid of Michael Lohan.?




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