Sheen, Warner Bros, And CBS.

So there has been rumors about Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen.

Two and a Half Men S07E08 - 00063

Image by Daniel Semper via Flickr


Ha. Now i got your attention. Well it’s true. There is some talks with The Creator or Two and a Half Men, Warner Bros., and CBS to try to get Sheen back on Men. I actually knew this was going to happen. If you haven’t gotten it by now it’s because Sheen has the Media’s and Publics attention. Meaning Money/Ratings. This is the best thing that they could have wanted. The show was already the most watched show on TV and now it’s going to get record-breaking audiences if they get Sheen back.

 I think that they should get it, because more cash, more people and more future.

The only problem is trying to get the Creator to be on board with this because we know that he was bashed by Sheen.. So you never know. I think that the hardest part is convincing the Creator and then convincing Sheen. But if Sheen is Winning! then he would be dumb if he rejects this.

i know that there is reports that he is going to make 7 mill just for next month but this man makes 1.5 mill per episode, and you know if they do get him back he’ll want a raise. And most likely he will get it. I ballpark it around 1.6-2 mill per.

If These people can get together and be Winning again, then this will happen. I actually don’t want it because i love how crazy Sheen is. But then again that’s one mans opinion. So what do you guys think?


The main cast of Two and a Half Men (seasons 1...

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