Los Angeles Royals/OC Royals?

You might be wondering what is up and what does that mean.

No we are not getting the Kansas City Royals(baseball team), what this does mean is that there is a strong possibility that a NBA team will come to town and stay put. IT seems as the owners of the Sacramento Kings are ready to move and this past year before the deadline they chose Anaheim.

The logo of the Rochester Royals.

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What this means is that Anaheim might get a basketball team by next year.      

Which is sort of pissing off Sacramento. They are losing everything. I feel sorry for them because that city is one of the few cities that deserves a team. They have support that team in its highs during the early 2000’s and through its recently lows.

The owners have already filed for trademarks and other things to make this thing smooth. If you are wondering why they changed names it is because los Angeles already has a King’s team which is the L.A Kings (Hockey). So out of respect they didn’t take that name and changed their name to their original name since they came out as a team the Rochester Royals.

The deal is not final because senate leaders still have to choose if they are going to allow this but all signs are pointing to a yes.

I think it is good and bad. First, bad because it is a limited market because just down a couple of cities is Los Angeles.  Which already has two teams. This will spilt revenue between the Clippers and Royals then. But it does seem good because it offers other people from SoCal to experience a basketball team and love one as Sacramento had done before. The team still need to redo its lineup before it can go up but hey they can probably do that before the Clippers. They have taken ages to recover and be half a team that the Lakers have been.

What’s your take on this?

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