Chris Brown Update.

Ah, I got your attention right.       

Well if you haven’t heard about the latest Chris Brown’s news then are you living down in a river. He was on Good Morning America and that’s when things seems like they were going. He had an interview with Robin Roberts and was asked questions about the Rihanna incident. He seemed like he was bothered and kept avoiding questions.  He answered the questions about his new CD. After the Interview he stormed to his dressing room and that’s when things got crazy.

TMZ reported that he destroyed the room. Threw his chair into the window. Shattering the window into the Manhattan Street. Then the makeup artist and others called security and Brown was escorted out of the building.

While he left, he had his shirt off(See above).  Robin Roberts said that all the questions she asked were pre approved before by Chris Brown.

Brown tweeted afterwards:  

– I’m so tired of this shit about my past.!! 


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– All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!

– Thank you to everyone who supports my music!!! Key Word ( music) !!! Love y’all

Link to this Twitter:!/chrisbrown

My reaction to it is:

Hell Yeah, This is what he needed to do. The past is the past. Get over it, Chris Brown should be allowed to do what he pleases. Rihanna has basically forgave him. Plus she has loosen the Restraint Order so they are trying to make things good. The media is just trying to make him look like the bad guy.

If Chris Brown ever reads this I want to say, I SUPPORT YOU MAN.

 BTW, I heard that he may get some time because this is against his probation. I hope this is false, but I don’t know we will get the detail soon.

Team Beezy, I guess

    • tina
    • April 7th, 2011

    Chris I look up to you and would just like to tell you that your an amazing artist,also that nobody’s but you are changing that.I love you ,you rock

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