I killed the Bieber!

So as I wrote before, I’ done with shopping. It was quite fun too, just getting for presents that weren’t mine. I didn’t even have to bug anyone to buy me this or that. So that’s good. I practically got her everything she wanted. Which is a major plus, because I got it all done in like two hours. 🙂 and as a bonus I got my brother something too,. so all in all I did great today.

What did surprise me today was that there were like freaking MANY MANY Justin Bieber clothing.! I was looking for tee shirts of him and practically they saved a whole aisle just for him. COME on are you serious? Instead of promoting other things, they are practically abusing this poor young boy,  take that back girl. I dislike him, and I can’t wait till the he hits puberty and plummet down to gutters..

Someone needs to stop that madness. I was okay with my sister being gaga over High School Musical and Camp Rock. But this a whole new enchilada.!, If someone does stop this craziness I’m do something about it.

Christmas Eve, here I come.!

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