it’s Christmas and it all going down as we speak.!

Just ate some pozole and the dirty laundry has just been going out. We are all at the table and if you’re not watching your back then your shit’s getting out,. everyone is getting ripped. And once you get ripped on you better have a good comeback because if you don’t you dirty laundry will come out the. I just left the table because i didn’t want to hear what they said. The whole living room is dirty with sunflower seeds. haha The only part that i felt sorry was yesterday when all the kids were opening their presents and one of my cousins didn’t have one. I didn’t have any either but this is a little kid, im too old to care now. If i knew this i would have gotten him something even though i don’t like them that much.

Word of the day: Recalentado

This means the after party on the next day.Why, because there is left over food and you don’t want to waste money. We are all cheap in this economy. And mexicans’ take advantage of this, hey if you can’t beat them, eat at their house the next day. 🙂

Oh yeah, Happy Christmas!

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