Killer Clown’s in Outer Space

What is my family thinking.! I think that it is pretty crazy that a family tradition that we have for Christmas Eve is watching horror movies with the little kids.

Two years ago, to entertain the kids and to pass by time we played them a movie. It actually turned out to be a horror movie, and the kids actually liked it. haha, go figure but now that’s like a family tradition. Last year, we watched what i think was the Scary Movie series and i think House of a Thousand Corps. Now i heard that today we might be seeing Killer Clowns in Outer Space.

i find it quite crazy that we do this but were not your average family. One of my cousins is missing a finger, well half a finger because she chopped it out. One of my cousins husband has a hernia. So those are the people who are easy targets. Then it all gets personal, people will tell it all, so then that their dirty laundry isn’t thrown out. The funny thing is that if the adult doesn’t want to say anything you can always bribe the kid. That’s the potluck C:

6 more hours till Christmas!

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