last minute shopper.

so I am getting ready to do what is hopefully my last-minute shopping before christmas eve,.

I have found out that I’m not into Christmas like i have been in recent year. Why, I don’t know but I have come with one reason. You can’t get into the Christmas spirit unless you’re a child or you have one. I think this is the reason I’m not into it.

When I was a child, I would always count to this day because who doesn’t love tons of presents at one time. The added bonus that my cousin and siblings were with me and receiving gifts was also a reason I wanted to get stuff. It was the joy of getting the newest toy or electronic.

And if you’re a parent, then you have that joy of trying to give your kid everything that you never had. So you always try to get them all they want no matter what. I can remember when my mom used to get my brother and me millions of gifts. While she didn’t receive any, then one christmas i noticed this and asked her why she was happy she told me that it made her happy just seeing our faces and our happiness and that she didn’t need anything at all. She is a single parent so there was no one to give her a present. Now that changed, we have a big bash with our relatives and do gift exchanges.

Before I leave to go shopping for my sister, I want to leave you with this thought.

I didn’t even ask for a present this year, and I think if I don’t receive anything at all that I would  be okay with that. I am probably gonna be happier why, cause now I can understand why my mom had this joy of watching us opening presents.  and now I can share this joy because im getting the presents for my sister, and I’ll be able to see her joy.

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