It doesn’t even feel like Christmas.

What am i doing?, it’s christmas eve but it feels like it’s another friday. We have all the decorations and the nine yards yet I do not feel this joy that I have experienced in other years. I know my little sister is very excited to see what she getting and so is my brother because this is the first year he really doesn’t know what he is getting.

My family is having our little gathering today at like 5p.m.-ish, and I don’t wanna say I’m not excited but I’m not trilled. And it doesn’t have to do anything about not getting any present, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I think it might have been also the down pouring of the rain that has taken over SoCal. Lots of people are now homeless or not in their homes for a time period because of the flooding.

I wish them all well and wish you guys all a Merry Christmas. Tomorrow their will be the chisme(gossip in spanish) that happens at the family gathering. Why, because at holidays my family tells it all to anyone that comes into their territory. If they have a problem with you, you will know it. HAHA, so expect a juicy post on Christmas.

Trivia: Where did line come from?

MERRY Christmas you filthy animal, and a happy new year.

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