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Kitana and Mileena Part two.

So the newest Mortal Kombat Legacy episode is out.

Have you seen it.?

Part two of Kitana and Mileena.

Talisa Soto as Kitana in Mortal Kombat

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It is probably the shortest out of all the stories. That is because most the of the story was told in the first one. Mileena and Kitana are sent to kill are ‘King Jared’s’ out there. So they do that. Kitana, finally finds the real one and right before she kills him he tries to tell her that she is his daughter.

But to no avail, right before he says my daughter he is killed by the back by Mileena. So she goes up to him and finally tells her before he dies. she goes to this room/cave and sees the past and knows that King Jared was her father and not Shao Khan. So now you can see that Kitana is going to avenge them both but not now because she could get kill in the process.

What did you guys think.? I thought they did well with what they had. It was an interesting take on the series.

Till next time, round six……………………..FIGHT!


Mortal Kombat 2011 and Episode 2

So today was the release for the brand new Mortal Kombat game.

It has been in development for about 2 years and it is finally come out.


Image by bhautikjoshi via Flickr

It’s being brought out with mixed reviews as such it isn’t such a great game plot wise but some like the tournment mode in which in the end tells a story. That was the one thing that Mortal Kombat had over Street Fighter. Some are liking the game calling it the best Mortal Kombat to date, and some saying it is decent. I am not a profession game reviewer or what ever they are called but I think it is pretty great. They add a great collection of fighters Mortal Kombat only of course. They brought back Test your Might and new additions like Test you Strike, Test Your sight, and Test your  Luck. if you really want to find out what those modes are then I’ll just tell you to buy it your self. Then the story mode is pretty good, looks very good graphic wise, it seems throughout the story that it is actually part of the story even when you are fighting. Plus they have a zombie mode and a brand new tag team mode. which i think makes game even more playable. I think this will be what most people play online because matches will be longer but variations of teammates makes this an awesome combo.

I strongly suggest that you go out and buy it. Especially if you are a Mortal Kombat fan.

In other news,

Mortal Kombat (the movie) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation came out in DVD‘s today for the first time.

Mortal Kombat Legacy:

Episode 2 is out.

Watch it here: or on Machinima YouTube account.

It is shorter than the First and the first minute and so actually was recapping the event of the first. Which i thought killed some time, i mean we can watch the first part if we forgot and then watch this one. this on had more action. It shows how Kano got his metal plate on his face and red eyes. it also foretells on how Jaxs arms might have been replaced with robotic ones. All in All i like it.

Mortal Kombat News

So there was a trailer made to try to pitch to make a new Mortal Kombatmovie/s.

Mortal Kombat: Deception

Image via Wikipedia


So far, there hasn’t been confirmation on what is actually happening.

Mortal Kombat Rebirth gives you a new style and look of Mortal Kombat. take a look

I really like it a lot. Seems like a new god way to retell the story. I just don’t want this to be a flop like the Reboot of Dragonball Z. That was a total disaster, i am a major DBZ fan and i was true disappointed. But then again i couldn’t make my mind on who could play Goku and other such characters.

Anyways, The same people that made the Rebirth trailer video, now are going to make webseries of the Rebirth version of Mortal Kombat. I am ecstatic to see that they are going to be able to make this possible because i loved the trailer. Hopefully they make this into a tv series or maybe a movie. Anyways, i am glad that they are finally doing something with this franchisee and doing something good.

Here’s the first episode, subscribe to Machinima on youtube as they are the ones uploading these webshorts.


super mario bros.!

This is actually Super Mario Bros unofficial song, goes along with the theme song.


“Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running      

Get a mushroom – it’s Super Mario!
Get a flower – it’s Fire Mario!

Goomba! Troopa! Buzzy Beetle! Beat them all!


Peach as seen in Super Mario Bros. 2. This vid...

Image via Wikipedia

Mario is always full of energy and strong!

Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running
Go and beat the Koopa tribe, go!
Today, full of energy, Mario runs
Today, full of energy, jumping!
Today, full of energy, searching for coins
Today, keep going, Mario!

Get a star – become invincible!

Quickly, go save Princess


Mario series characters, as they appear in Mar...

Image via Wikipedia


Lakitu! Blooper! Cheep Cheep! Beat them all!
Mario is always full of energy and strong!

Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running
He’s made it to the castle and gets fireworks!
Lightly sidestepping the Hammer Bros.
Show the last of your power, Mario!
It’s been a long journey but it’s nearly at an end
You’ve done it, you’ve done it! You’ve defeated Bowser!

Princess Peach says “Thank you”
Mario’s got a great big heart!

Mario’s adventure is over for now, but
Mario’s dream lives forever…

the link to the YouTube site is right here:

  anyways, happy Sundays y’all. how you doing! haha I hate Wendy Williams. So today was good, I went to jimmy’s with the guys and yeah cool cool. I traded some cheap shit for exodia the forbidden one. Ha! get some C: I played people but lost to them on purpose. i used that to try to talk to them to see if they have trades, then I rip them off. then I play them again and demolished them. haa

i was super excited when Miami lost to the bulls. i hate them with a passion plus the added fact that wade was crying afterwards made it sweet. plus, the lakers easily demolished the spurs showing them whats up. are people still going to be hating or what.

Games of the Day

Lakers demolished the Spurs badly and handled them all day 99-86

The Bulls win a close one to send the heat to a 4 game slide and sweep them 3-0 87-86

The Knicks stomp on the hawks 92-72

Song of the Day

”super Mario Bros.” by Nintendo Band

where amazing happens.

“”Must I always be waiting waiting on you? Must I always be playing playing your fool?”

Jack Johnson performing at the 2008 Bonnaroo M...

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Rainy, Rainy day. It is February 23, 2011. And by chance it is also the birthday of my little brother, or should i say older brother, well a year older. He turned 16 today, he’s getting old and that means im older. As much as i hate him, i love him as or more than that too. He has done everything i asked of him and more. Without him, my family would be different. As I don’t get along with my sister, at least to the level that i do with my brother.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, North Ame...

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I used to remember when he and I used to play Super Nintendo 64 or super Mario Bros. funny thing about that was that my mom was a pro at that game. She was better than us, wtf? When I bought my first pack of Yugioh!, Starter Deck Yugi, i gave half of it to my brother. He has always been there and i have been there for him most of the time.  So I WANT TO SAY TO HIM, BECAUSE I KNOW HE READS THESE THANKS!

On to different news. Today was a fucking great day. I hung out with my friends. And it was a blast. We went to Jimmy’s Warehouse and SuperCards or something like that. And i traded some cards for better cards. I mean these guys are idiots. They traded me good stuff for my stupid stuff. We definitely are going back C:

Then I came home to some tostadas yum yum yum. HA, they were to die for. And played a game of ascension with my brother, a couple of cards games. And watched the lakers own the city once again.

Tomorrow, maybe Franks?,,,

Games of the Day

The Lakers take the City crown again like years before hand 108-95

The Spurs late run stop Williams first game 107-106

There was no magic for the Thunder as Orlando trampled them over 111-88

Song of the day

Sitting Waiting Wishing” by Jack Johnson 


when the rain is away, we come out to play

“Well, you know. We all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the world, But when you talk about destruction. Don’t you know that you can count me out. Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right, all right, all right “

Xbox Live Dashboard

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Sunday, what up little kids and Adults. You know what it is. It’s the All-Star game C:. Anyways, how was your day. Today seemed to me like a sleep day. Why, because i slept most of the day. It was pretty quite in my house to since everyone decided to sleep. Except my brother who was on Facebook and/or Xbox Live. Hit me up Gamertag: ImProbablyCrazy , that and Wegglish. I play Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, Halo Reach, Madden 2011, and Dragonball: Raging Blast 2,. I’m not good on Halo and Modern but i have one or two games a day where i do decent.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives t...

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As i was saying, the All-Star Game. It was a one-sided match for the first half with the West easily dominating the East. So it seemed that the West started playing on cruise control, So in the end it started getting close. Lebron got the East to be all hyped and had a late game run getting two points from tieing the game. But there was one difference in the game Kobe Bryant. He led the All-star game with 37 points which is like 5 in the record books for most points in the All-Star game. He also got his 4 All-Star MVP, which he became the first to do so. So take that Michael Jordan Kobe is are got on up on you.

Game of the Day

Kobe leading the West against the East 148-143

Song of the Day

“Revolution” by the Beatles