when the rain is away, we come out to play

“Well, you know. We all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the world, But when you talk about destruction. Don’t you know that you can count me out. Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right, all right, all right “

Xbox Live Dashboard

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Sunday, what up little kids and Adults. You know what it is. It’s the All-Star game C:. Anyways, how was your day. Today seemed to me like a sleep day. Why, because i slept most of the day. It was pretty quite in my house to since everyone decided to sleep. Except my brother who was on Facebook and/or Xbox Live. Hit me up Gamertag: ImProbablyCrazy , that and Wegglish. I play Call Of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, Halo Reach, Madden 2011, and Dragonball: Raging Blast 2,. I’m not good on Halo and Modern but i have one or two games a day where i do decent.

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives t...

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As i was saying, the All-Star Game. It was a one-sided match for the first half with the West easily dominating the East. So it seemed that the West started playing on cruise control, So in the end it started getting close. Lebron got the East to be all hyped and had a late game run getting two points from tieing the game. But there was one difference in the game Kobe Bryant. He led the All-star game with 37 points which is like 5 in the record books for most points in the All-Star game. He also got his 4 All-Star MVP, which he became the first to do so. So take that Michael Jordan Kobe is are got on up on you.

Game of the Day

Kobe leading the West against the East 148-143

Song of the Day

“Revolution” by the Beatles

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