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“”Must I always be waiting waiting on you? Must I always be playing playing your fool?”

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Rainy, Rainy day. It is February 23, 2011. And by chance it is also the birthday of my little brother, or should i say older brother, well a year older. He turned 16 today, he’s getting old and that means im older. As much as i hate him, i love him as or more than that too. He has done everything i asked of him and more. Without him, my family would be different. As I don’t get along with my sister, at least to the level that i do with my brother.

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I used to remember when he and I used to play Super Nintendo 64 or super Mario Bros. funny thing about that was that my mom was a pro at that game. She was better than us, wtf? When I bought my first pack of Yugioh!, Starter Deck Yugi, i gave half of it to my brother. He has always been there and i have been there for him most of the time.  So I WANT TO SAY TO HIM, BECAUSE I KNOW HE READS THESE THANKS!

On to different news. Today was a fucking great day. I hung out with my friends. And it was a blast. We went to Jimmy’s Warehouse and SuperCards or something like that. And i traded some cards for better cards. I mean these guys are idiots. They traded me good stuff for my stupid stuff. We definitely are going back C:

Then I came home to some tostadas yum yum yum. HA, they were to die for. And played a game of ascension with my brother, a couple of cards games. And watched the lakers own the city once again.

Tomorrow, maybe Franks?,,,

Games of the Day

The Lakers take the City crown again like years before hand 108-95

The Spurs late run stop Williams first game 107-106

There was no magic for the Thunder as Orlando trampled them over 111-88

Song of the day

Sitting Waiting Wishing” by Jack Johnson 


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