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Are they gonna play Friday at the Royal Wedding?

OH my Lanta.

The Royal Wedding is finally here.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter ...

Image by Niquinho via Flickr


Dick, don’t tell me you won’t be watching. At least 1 billion people are watching.

So what if I am a male, that only interested into sports and not fashion and this and that. But I think I am hyped and ready for this waiting.

I don’t care if y’all clown on me too.

You can’t tell me with a face seriously face that Kate Middletown isn’t hot.

I think she is gorgeous, very fucking beautiful. Any man is would be lucky to get her. Unfortunately that man is Prince William.

No lie, i can’t tell you how beautiful she is, Jennifer Lopez has nothing on her because Kate is way better.

Anyways, that’s the only reason I am watching.

Plus we all know that most people think that Prince William owns that balding look, am I right.

Some of y’all will read this after the wedding, or before it. I’ll do a wrap up post about the wedding later today or tomorrow.

P.S.  Kate,

Say I Don’t, for me!


just dance.!

“you know the day destroys the night, night divides the day, try to run try to hide”

 What up kids. I had to bullshit my rough draft and it actually wasnt bad. Ha C: i got good reviews now I have to make another draft and I will be good. So now my task is to finish my project for reading.

Seriously its a reading class but she’s making us do a travel trip. it makes no sense to connect reading I mean, I would understand my french teacher or foreign language teacher making doing it but for reading. Come on and plus after we had to present it and make it seem like we actually we. wtf, the woman is on crack.

So I need to finish that and then get a hold on my english homework for thursday.!

Games of the Day

There was no Love for K.Love as the Lakers stomped the Wolves  90-79

The magic was rolling for Orlando as they win against the Knicks 116-110

Dallas over the 76’ers 101-93

“Break on Through” The Doors

i was just frontin’

So then we tried – I’m singing a slow beat, Because you weren’t used to how fast we touched (fast we touched). Then we locked eyes – and I knew I was in there, And I was gon’ tear ya ass up (tear ya ass up)”

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

I think that the one person I couldn’t live without would be my brother.

So today was a pretty long day. I had only one class but still. I got to school early around 3pm ish even though my class didn’t start till 5. The class was pretty boring, I mean the teacher spent one hour talking about the differences of CCC, Cal States and UC’s. I wanted to slap her across the face and say “THIS IS READING NOT CONSUELING” but I stopped my urged. Luckliy we didn’t have a quiz today, and it’s going to be easy.

Today, is the day I realized that I need to get my license to get a car. I was okay with not having a car but after waiting two hours for the bus. I am done!. Pardon my French, but Fuck that shit. Something did happen from that, i finished my book and I am ready for tomorrows test. And I also finished my reading for my Biology of Insects and Spiders. So that was good but it was freezing tits for waiting that long.

Tomorrow is my longest day 8-4. Let me finished through this day and I have my long-awaited 4 day weekend. And most importantly the Superbowl!,

Games of the day

Dallas ripped the Knicks 113-97

Kevin Durant took the win from Chris Paul 104-93

Blake does good but Derick Rose stops the Clippers 106-88

and The Cleveland Cavaliers lose their 22 straight

Song of the day

“Frontin” by Pharrell