Michael Scott, this for you!

As most of you hard-core Office fans know, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) has left.


Michael Scott (The Office)

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In reality, Carell left because his contract ended and he wanted to do more things.

This means he wanted to get bigger bucks from doing movies., Hey why should we stop him, he is getting big today. It’s just that his Office schedule stops him from getting more and better spots, now he will have that opportunity.

In the show though, he has quit and left to Colorado. He has left to be with his soon to be wife, Holly.Which is great because in the end we knew that once Holly came in that was going to be the one he marries. He had dates and relationships with: Jan, Carol, Pam’s Mom, and Holly as well. But they ended it, and he finally proposed.

The downsize of this is that the Office won’t quite by as good with him anymore. He made the show worth watching. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be watching because I am a hardcore fan but Michael Scott is the “World’s Greatest Boss”, thanks Spencer’s. (If you got that part, then you are a true Office fan). Any who, Will Farrell was put as temporary Manager to transition Michael’s departure, Angelo. He is like Michael, sort of, but then he isn’t like Micheal. Why, because everything he does is wrong. Not like Michael who is wrong and right but is funny. Angelo is funny but not the Michael funny.

Farrell won’t be the next manager he is just filling up till the season finale as they get another manager.

The season Finale will be epic as some major stars as portraying as possible candidates. Which include: Jim Carey, Ricky Gervais, and Ray Romano. Be on the look out of that, which will be in two weeks!

Any who, Michael’s stay will forever not be forgotten, and it was a long one too (That’s What SHE Said!)

Michael, We love you. I almost cried in the end when you and Jim (John Krasinski) were in tears. Thank you.


Mortal Kombat:Part 3

So the newest episode came out.

Johnny Cage

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As you know, in the last two episodes, we saw the stories of Jax, Sonya, and Kano. There was also a bit of Stryker, but not that much. There story was much about how Kano became an enemy of Jax and most importantly Sonya.

We also got the reason why Kano got the Metal on his face and that red eye ball. There was also that explanation on why Jax had the robotic arms.

This weeks episode was about Johnny Cage. You can watch it right below. Disclaimer, this is the uncensored version. There is a censored version of this episode on Machinima’s Youtube account.

This latest one focus only on Johnny Cage. It started with like a true hollywood story of Johnny Cage on he came to be a rising action start. Then it goes forward 3 years. Now Johnny Cage can’t get an acting Job and goes basically berserk trying to get a show or something out. After trying to get a show out, they reject him. Then the same producers that rejected him offer a similar role and job to one that Johnny Cage was trying to get out. Cage gets mad and then beats the shit out of that producer.

He then gets a strange visit from someone, it could be a helper of Shang Tsung but i couldn’t really tell. You just gotta wait and see.

Till next week Episode, Round THREE…..FIGHT! 

The Voice

Did you watch it? cause I certainly didn’t.

 But from people I who saw it, they told me some pretty interesting facts.

Did you know that some of the contestant are new faces getting a shot?

They have previously been on other shows like American Idol or YouTube sensation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. This can be a good thing. This could be the thing that separates The Voice from Idol. This show could be the shows that over tops idol, because we all know that ever since Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul left. That show isn’t the same.

DONT GET ME WRONG DAWG, Randy is still there but people didn’t watch because of him they watched because Simon was a dick, and Paula was crazy, so to say.

Anyways, they(The Voice) hasn’t said that some of its contestants have been on other previous shows or had record deals. But maybe it should embrace it. That way people will love it for the 2nd chance sort of show.

I won’t be watching, because i was never into Idol and music shows. Still if it turns out good then it can be the next idol with that twist.

Whadda you say?

Bringing back the Attitude Era?

Not quite but it’s a start.

How so, They are starting to get their plots uglier, darker, and raunchier.

First example, John Cena.

John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion

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He is turning into a Heel, Bad Guy. So if you are an avid fan you know all about the announcers going oh I think so and so is turning Heel. They are clueing you that this person might be turning bad.

In John Cena’s case, they are doing it with the older generation. Why because The Rock is supposedly back and he doesn’t like John Cena. So most people see John Cena as the bad guy. People who see him as the guy are probably younger kids, as he is the face of WWE for them. Now a days, you seem him portrayed as a bad guy because it’s gonna make money for the WWE, John Cena, and The Rock.

The Second Example is probably R-Truth.


Image by Reckless Dream Photography via Flickr

He is an up and coming superstar. He was portrayed as a good guy throughout his career. But recently he turned on his friend John Morrison. Then on this last show he came on to the stage, smoking, something they forbid, and started cursing.

I am looking forward to seeing the WWE back into an Attitude Era and not this PG-13 that we have had for a whole decade.

Vince McMahon, do us a favor!

Tornadoes, Tornawoes.

A rope tornado in its dissipating stage. Tecum...

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This post is going to be short because i hope that the tornadoes predicted for next week will be short and done with as well.

The South is going to get hit hard during Easter and the next week.

tornadoes and horrible weather are in store for the South.

I for one, will be praying for people out there because shits going to get tough.

I heard that the worst time is going to be around monday and Tuesday.

Please be safe.

The weather in SoCal looks gloomy. Haha, I have always wanted to say that in a real situation.  But Easter might have to be indoors this year.

I don’t think that it will clear up unless if you put a tarp and then prepare for tomorrow. Which I suggest you to.

Remember y’all be safe C:

I told you.

I freaking called it.

What did i call exactly.

That Lindsey would find some sick and twisted way to get out of her time.

Her Lawyer is now appealing the ruling and this lets Lindsey bail herself out until a further court.

I seriously don’t know how they do this. If these rules were applied to people i knew, then the world would probably be a bad place, yet Lindsey gets out. It’s like they slapped the shit out of the middle and lower class.

And you know damn well, some are treated worse because of how they look. In some cities it might be because of your skin color, or how you look like dress like.

I think this is bullshit but hey, at least they didn’t say it was overpopulated right,?

It’s a step forward, or is it backward?

Lindsey Freaking Lohan.

She gets away again.

The Judge sentence her two jail for a 120 days.

Are you fucking serious.

If i had stolen something had her record, and was on FUCKING probation, i wouldn’t have gotten out that nicely. You can bet your fucking ass that i would have gotten at least a year or even more. For your Information, I have a clean record/ no record, never been arrested or anything. So how the hell does she do it.

Because all everyone says is ‘oh it’s LINDSEY’. Second, she has the Celebrity excuse.

This girl is a freaking mess, there seems like there isn’t an end to it. I foresee her turning into a Brittney spears, or in worst case scenario maybe Courtney Love. She has shown many signs that she doesn’t give a fuck.

Back up there, that doesn’t mean i hate her, but i think she is strangely hot for some reason.

 Anyways, we all know she’s only going to do a month or so then they will let her out because overpopulation. Overpopulation my ass, California penitentiaries and Prisons have many cons sleep in bunk beds together to put them all together, Yet they always manage to let these celebrities of the hook. How about giving the regular joe shmo a chance. We will do the same thing yet it is never overpopulated at that time.

There is no more justice, Fuck You Justice System. Suck a big fat one!