I killed the Bieber!

So as I wrote before, I’ done with shopping. It was quite fun too, just getting for presents that weren’t mine. I didn’t even have to bug anyone to buy me this or that. So that’s good. I practically got her everything she wanted. Which is a major plus, because I got it all done in like two hours. 🙂 and as a bonus I got my brother something too,. so all in all I did great today.

What did surprise me today was that there were like freaking MANY MANY Justin Bieber clothing.! I was looking for tee shirts of him and practically they saved a whole aisle just for him. COME on are you serious? Instead of promoting other things, they are practically abusing this poor young boy,  take that back girl. I dislike him, and I can’t wait till the he hits puberty and plummet down to gutters..

Someone needs to stop that madness. I was okay with my sister being gaga over High School Musical and Camp Rock. But this a whole new enchilada.!, If someone does stop this craziness I’m do something about it.

Christmas Eve, here I come.!


Gimme a Break!

This is blog, it will be about my life and the experiences that I encounter on a day-to-day basis. I will only use first name’s to keep the privacy of my family, friends, and other parties.

First of all I’m Eric, what can i say about myself. I’m 19, hispanic and confused. I’m trying to find out what’s the meaning of my life, so to say the purpose. Lately I’ve found myself wandering around aimlessly doing nothing. I have a daily routine and i need to fix it.

My daily routine goes as this wake up, eat, go on Xbox live(gamertag: Wegglish) , call friends, hang out and then play yugioh. This routine isn’t what i always do but since the holiday break, it what i have done since this week. But the problem with my routine is that im NINETEEN. I need a job but in this economy no one can get one. The problem occurs when they look at my résumé and they don’t see a work experience, then they say they aren’t interested. How can anyone get a job if they don’t have work experience.! They are trying to get this job to get the work experience to show other employers in the future that they are capable of working. Do you get where i’m going. It’s a paradox, and none of us non-experienced workers can get a break.

Lord Gimme a Sign.