Michael Scott, this for you!

As most of you hard-core Office fans know, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) has left.


Michael Scott (The Office)

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In reality, Carell left because his contract ended and he wanted to do more things.

This means he wanted to get bigger bucks from doing movies., Hey why should we stop him, he is getting big today. It’s just that his Office schedule stops him from getting more and better spots, now he will have that opportunity.

In the show though, he has quit and left to Colorado. He has left to be with his soon to be wife, Holly.Which is great because in the end we knew that once Holly came in that was going to be the one he marries. He had dates and relationships with: Jan, Carol, Pam’s Mom, and Holly as well. But they ended it, and he finally proposed.

The downsize of this is that the Office won’t quite by as good with him anymore. He made the show worth watching. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be watching because I am a hardcore fan but Michael Scott is the “World’s Greatest Boss”, thanks Spencer’s. (If you got that part, then you are a true Office fan). Any who, Will Farrell was put as temporary Manager to transition Michael’s departure, Angelo. He is like Michael, sort of, but then he isn’t like Micheal. Why, because everything he does is wrong. Not like Michael who is wrong and right but is funny. Angelo is funny but not the Michael funny.

Farrell won’t be the next manager he is just filling up till the season finale as they get another manager.

The season Finale will be epic as some major stars as portraying as possible candidates. Which include: Jim Carey, Ricky Gervais, and Ray Romano. Be on the look out of that, which will be in two weeks!

Any who, Michael’s stay will forever not be forgotten, and it was a long one too (That’s What SHE Said!)

Michael, We love you. I almost cried in the end when you and Jim (John Krasinski) were in tears. Thank you.

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