The Voice

Did you watch it? cause I certainly didn’t.

 But from people I who saw it, they told me some pretty interesting facts.

Did you know that some of the contestant are new faces getting a shot?

They have previously been on other shows like American Idol or YouTube sensation.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. This can be a good thing. This could be the thing that separates The Voice from Idol. This show could be the shows that over tops idol, because we all know that ever since Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul left. That show isn’t the same.

DONT GET ME WRONG DAWG, Randy is still there but people didn’t watch because of him they watched because Simon was a dick, and Paula was crazy, so to say.

Anyways, they(The Voice) hasn’t said that some of its contestants have been on other previous shows or had record deals. But maybe it should embrace it. That way people will love it for the 2nd chance sort of show.

I won’t be watching, because i was never into Idol and music shows. Still if it turns out good then it can be the next idol with that twist.

Whadda you say?

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