Lindsey Freaking Lohan.

She gets away again.

The Judge sentence her two jail for a 120 days.

Are you fucking serious.

If i had stolen something had her record, and was on FUCKING probation, i wouldn’t have gotten out that nicely. You can bet your fucking ass that i would have gotten at least a year or even more. For your Information, I have a clean record/ no record, never been arrested or anything. So how the hell does she do it.

Because all everyone says is ‘oh it’s LINDSEY’. Second, she has the Celebrity excuse.

This girl is a freaking mess, there seems like there isn’t an end to it. I foresee her turning into a Brittney spears, or in worst case scenario maybe Courtney Love. She has shown many signs that she doesn’t give a fuck.

Back up there, that doesn’t mean i hate her, but i think she is strangely hot for some reason.

 Anyways, we all know she’s only going to do a month or so then they will let her out because overpopulation. Overpopulation my ass, California penitentiaries and Prisons have many cons sleep in bunk beds together to put them all together, Yet they always manage to let these celebrities of the hook. How about giving the regular joe shmo a chance. We will do the same thing yet it is never overpopulated at that time.

There is no more justice, Fuck You Justice System. Suck a big fat one!


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