kobe gets busted.


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As you all know, or don’t know Kobe got hit with a pretty hefty fine I might say. a hundred thousand dollar one. Yes, 100,000.

You might be saying why or what did he do. Well during a recent game against the San Antonio Spurs Kobe said something he might have regretted.

In other words he said Fu–ing Fa-got.


If you are not a basketball fan, or any type of sports fan or anything that you love fan then you won’t know this. But if you have some emotion into something you know when you get frustrated you get mad and say things that you really don’t mean.

This was one of them. If you know the game people say a lot of things. We get mad over fouls and bad calls its part of the game. The NBA and others don’t need to make this a serious mess.

HOLD UP, i am not saying that Kobe should have gotten away with this, if he really meant it then he should get fine and maybe something else. But we all know that he really didn’t mean it. GET OVER IT!.

I will give props to the NBA coming up with a swift punishment before GLADD and other officials and spokespeople come out make this worst than it should be.

I like the show TMZ but what the fuck, seriously? Why are you even interested in the NBA?, especially the Lakers. It would only happen to that team. I tell you there is a conspiracy or something that makes everyone else hate them.

I don’t see it. It’s like we get no calls, when we get call it’s against us. Give us a break!.

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