Lady GaGa falling

No this is not her new single.

But hey, you never know after this she may make one.

I think we might add this with the infamous/famous Beyoncé video.

So on friday Lady GaGa was her tour. She had a show in Houston and while she was on a flaming piano, which is quite dangerous, she fell off. Hit her head pretty hard, and you can hear as there is a loud “ouch”.

But then again this is GaGa, whom I don’t like her music, but I still think she is a pretty fine woman. So after she fell down, she started crawling and made it seem like it was part of the show.

I’ll give her props for not stopping the show and making sure she was okay. She really cares about her shows enough not to stop it.

Though I’ll tell you if you haven’t watched it watch it. It is pretty funny. God bless that she didn’t catch on fire by falling on the other side. knowing her antics and fashion, I don’t think we will probably see her scar or bump anytime soon.

here’s the video:

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