Hangover Part 2.

I guess the movie is finally getting its buzz again.

Well it should because the first one is great.

The newest buz is that the trailer is too r-rated to show. Well not r-rated but they have pull it from theaters. It could and they have said it might be because the monkey is doing sexually induced gestures.

i seen it myself, i thought it was pretty hilarious but sort of disappointed.

As you can see, it looks like they added a new person.


Missing Tooth–> Missing Hair

Baby—> Monkey

New Location.

People need to take a chill pill though because everyone who has seen this video is already complaining that it’s the same as the first.

WELL WHAT do you expect! it the hangover it’s what the movie was about.! Do you get mad at the Fast and Furious movies, they are the same just different place and different people.

Hangover is to make you laugh your ass off like last time.

Take the chill pill.

or Shove it up your ass.

Because we all know in the End you will be seeing the movie anyways.

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