Kids Choice Awards.

They sucked.

Waiting for kids choice awards to begin

Image by Mickipedia via Flickr


So did Jack Black. .

I mean, I think he is pretty funny and all but still. He wasn’t a good host. I heard people liked his hosting but I think I was the only one paying attention. If he was supposed to be remotely funny then he got that. But not one of the best host or the best host of kids choice.

I was trying to watch, but I wasn’t interested. I think it was because there was no Katy Perry to slime on. I thought it was quite entertaining when Russel Brand was being splashed by slime by the kids around. He was acting pretty chill. Most people would have freaked out or have left. HE stayed pretty cool. Another reason I like that man.

I think that the awards/blimps are rigged because most of the awards tend to go to Nickelodeon shows. I think maybe because they made them and they are trying to make their shows look better. There is probably some voice of the kids but I foresee that mostly nick producers get the last vote.

I don’t like how we are trying to use and abuse kids. Not like sexually or physically but economically. They are using kids like the Smiths and making the most money out of them. Though that is a bad example because those kids are taken care of. Some children are the only ones that are famous in their families and get  abused. Their families try to persuade them and next thing you know you have another Gary Coleman or Lindsey Lohan.

What’s your take on The KCA’s and exposure or children?

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