It’s Friday

It doesn’t feel right anymore.

I don’t know why, it’s like Rebecca Black decided to kill the word Friday. Kind of like the Situation killed the word Situation.

Michael Scott (The Office)

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I hate when that happens. Because that’s all that’s going to be thought of when you think of Friday. It’s like a bad connotation. Though I’ll give props to the girl for accomplishing this rare feat at such a young age. I also want to kill a word. I don’t know what yet but if i ever know what the word is then I’ll be sure to mess it up.

Today’s topic is phrases.

These annoying catch phrase that go around and kill a word. Don’t you hate when that happens. I am most speaking of phrase like anything that has to do with the word “situation” or like when ‘that’s what she said‘ was hot. There are some people out in the world whose job is it to kill these words. It’s fucking annoying because they just don’t use it one but they use it lots times. I feel like smacking the ‘chedda’ out of them.

Remember when Michael Scott  aka Steve Carrel started using ‘that’s what she said’ and it exploded into an instant phenomenon. I was part of that usage but then people kept on over doing it. Then there was that person so said that every other word you would say. Trying to catch the perfect moment. I actually got into trouble once when someone over exposed that word. I got tired and push them to the ground.


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Then there was also the What would Jesus do… I wasn’t quite annoyed by that until everyone said that after every decision you made, like are you sure. Then that went even more global and they started making tee-shirts, bracelets, songs, and so on….

Now more people are starting to use the word situation more. It’s like what fuck. I asked you if you wanted to go out, I didn’t want you to repeat my question and reply with what’s the ‘situation’. Then you have to do the eyes and wink and point at me or yourself. I know what the fuck you mean, it has nothing to do with this yet you still dare to ruin our conversation and the mood.

If you have read earlier posts, you know how I feel about the Situation and the Jersey Shore cast. I think it’s a waste of time, not money because I know they are making money. Still it is making our industry and our pop culture look retarded. This is one of the points where people in the future look back  and go, if someone could have stopped this then America could have still be a Super Power instead of a third world country.

Enough of that, I can tell, you can tell, that the world or more like people who seen this video. Will start using the word Friday and blowing it over. I hate the word already because of the stupid song and now you have to put it into my face. Fuck that shit bro.

Going back to Rebecca Black she’s having new singles from two more albums. First one is called ‘August’ from her new album ‘Months of the Year’, and her other single ‘E’ from her third album called ‘Letters of the Alphabet’

P.S. I have started my profile and account on Youtube and that should be up and running in a couple of days. So be on the look out for that link and video. I also am doing a spin-off blog but sort of with the emphasis on sports and that’s for my internship for the L.A. Times. So two things to be aware of.

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