The Roast of Donald Trump!

If you had any funny bone then you were watching the comedy central roast of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump in February 2009

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The Roasters included: Larry King, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Snoop Dogg, Whitney Cummings, Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampaleny, Seth McFarlane

I thought it was the roast of the Trump but it seemed like it was really the roast of the Situation. The Roast started with everyone making fun of him that it wasn’t even funny. Some random white guy joked that if The Situation spent half the time he did on GTL then he would be smarter and would have less herpes. Snoop said that there was once a word called for guys who did their eyebrows/and take a long to get ready and that the word was gay, and basically called the Situation day.

When it was the Situation’s turn to go up, he had the worst jokes possible. He did a joke that Donald’s wife married him for love….. and then goes her love of money. I thought that was a low bow and so did the audience as they booed him and were silent. He called Whitney a grenade but that hasn’t exploded with didn’t make sense. Then after Jeffrey Ross tried to save him, he tried to get on Donald’s good side by telling him that he thinks Donald would be a good president.

He seriously might have killed comedy just on that one day. I am wondering why in the world would they choose him as a roastee. But then again a lot of the funny jokes came from everyone making fun of them. Also a common joke was how everyone was making fun of Larry King because of his age. Like “So Larry King is in retirement, his next goal is to open a jar.” Ana making fun of this Oscar winner that is deaf, but it was all to good fun. She understood it and actually was a pretty good comedian if i say so myself.

I thought the joke of the day was how snoop said I heard donald wants to be the President. Why shouldn’t he, “it wouldn’t be the first time he kicked a black family out of their house.”

So what did you guys think about it?, i thought it was pretty good. Put them comments too good use C:

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