Rebecca Black= worst singer in history.

SO this post is dedicated to a video that has gone around. “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

If you haven’t seen it, click the link to watch it and then read this to be better prepared! <— official video.  

I seriously think it might be the worst song in the world. Seriously, I don’t know what this girl is thinking but I hope that she was just fucking around or something. I mean this probably takes the toll of the worst song of life. I thought before this that autotune can make anyone a singers then this song came out and ruined that hope for the rest of us. Like i thought Ke$has Tik Tok autotune was pretty horrible, but Rebecca makes Ke$ha look like she’s an experience singer!

My list of worst singers would be:

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and David Hasselhoff

BUT THIS GIRL AND THIS SONG proved me and the world wrong. Kim Kardashian must feel pretty good because this song came around the same time her song came out. So many people haven’t bashed her because everyone fixed on Ms. Black.

There are so many problems with this song that it is horrible!:

1. This girl looks at most 13 years old, and she’s supposably partying. Who the FUCK are her parents and why haven’t they been arrested? reminds me of a young Lindsey lohan, maybe maybe…..

2. Why is she telling us the days?, and repeating them as well. Yes you stupid little girl, i do know that thursday come first then friday and so on. I don’t need you to tell me the order!

3. Did you all notice all the kids look at most 12 yet the kid driving is totally underage. In the real fucking world that doesn’t happen. Unless your Justin Bieber or Jaden Smith you can’t do that.! Let’s not go on Bieber because i can roast that boy so hard, i would get a record deal.

 4. Who in the world is that singing/rapping her in video. He even has a verse saying that he’s being behind a bus or something. I hope and pray that he isn’t parting with them because if he is that fool needs to be arrested!.

5. The Seat Problem!, she goes i wonder where i am going to sit. When we can all see that there is no ROOM in the front! seriously why is she having a big dilemma about this. I wanna smack her across the face. Wait that’s too mean i wanna smack the person who came up with the son.

6. The AutoTune Problem!. You know if autotune is helping you sing but you still are sounding crappy then you are not meant to sing. It’s like god mixed Kim Kardashing, Paris Hilton, My mom, The Asian guy from American Idol, David Hasselhoff and everyone else you know that sucks at singing all together and times that by twenty and that’s her voice. 

Now Do you guys seriously think that the song was good, i’d like to get your input. Btw if you want to laugh your ass off you need to listen to this guys review of the song. You’ll laugh your ass off apparently. I thought it was funny at times but i have no sense of humor. So check it out.

It’s Kingsley Bitch:

By: Eric Robles


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