who has some charlie sheen!

“I was a hippie. I was a burnout. I was a dropout I was out of my head
I was a surfer/ I had a skateboard / I was so heavy man, I lived on the strand “
Tuesday already,.! Seems like the week is going by super fast. I say that because
Gary Busey at the Billboard-Children Uniting N...

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i did one of my midterms today, and my only one left this week is on Thursday. I am glad. I am ecstatic. I am more than that. I am high, on Charlie Sheen. Hahaaha, i had to do it once.  It is way worse than Gary Busey, but still.

Enough of that. I had an in class essay and that sucked. Well sucked because I took a long time. I don’t know why but I just did. I did finish in time but did not have time to proofread it and check for errors. I mean, I hate her because she does not give us time to do the work. She likes to interrupt and put in her two cents….
What else. The Lakers whoo, what a turn of events. Everyone thought at the All-Star break that they have gotten old and maybe not as good anymore. 8 Games later, best record since the break and a solid and that is really underestimating that game. Where we humiliated the Spurs, the leagues best record at this point and looked like the best team. Now people are doubting teams like the Spurs and Heat. Speaking of the Heat. There must be some intense heat in those locker rooms. 5 straight losses. Wow, like seriously. And against good teams too, I feel for them but like Dwade said, “The world is a better place when the Heat lose games.”
Games of the Day
Blazers burn the Heat to handle them a fifth straight loss 105-96
The Lakers showing there is nothing hot in Atlanta burning 101-87
Vince and Warrick both score 32 to get the Suns the win 113-110
Song of the Day
“Wasted” by Black Flag
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