all i could do and give is my…

“Evil S I yes to find a shore, A beach that doesn’t quiver anymore,”

what a good saturday C: ahh. so it started off with going to franks. that was the shit because i traded my cards to finally get a card that i needed badly. Now im going to finish by sideboard and ill be competing in tournament and getting money/ better cards. Haaa Your going to see me as a pro one of these days with badass cards.

unfortunately my date isn’t coming till next friday because she’s going to get some last-minute studying time and come for spring break. its cool and shit that means I have more time to think of a valentines gift because I havent seen her since that and I heard that she got me something good so I need to do some work. haha

tomorrow maybe jimmies but I don’t think so. plus I need to finish my essay and some homework….

Games of the Day

London got a thriller as the Nets beat the Raptors in Overtime 137-136

Portland dominated the Bobcats 93-69

The Clippers win a close one against the Nuggets  100-94

Song of the Day

“Weekend War” by Mgmt

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