never underestimate that one guy.

teen drinking is not allowed, yo i got a fake id though, yeeahh, ugghh, yeahh, uggh, two-stepin two stepin, one here come the two to the three to the four”

Whaddup kids,. it’s FosterCakes. hahaha, that’s my friends YouTube and his line so I like making fun of him. So finally my weekend starts. Ha It was probably one of the worst since forever. I had to do two essays and a project. I had two quizzes, online homework, and flashcards. I finally love my life. But next week or so is midterms so ill die around that time as well.

Charlie Sheen still doing his things. Apparently he is on a drug he can only get his hands on called, Charlie Sheen. He’s just plain out going crazy. I got some good trades today, and felt sorry for a guy who lost all of his good cards that were worth about 100 dollars. That’s fucked up, I thought I knew who had it but I guessed wrong. um, jimmies tomorrow and a relaxing weekend, whooo.!

Games of the Day

Orlando pulling away late in the game to come from behind and beat the Heat 99-96

Denver pulling away late in the game as well beating Utah 103-101

Song of the Day

“Tipsy” J-Kwon  

  1. lol i like your most recent post i laughed pretty hard. SUBSCRIBED!

    • thanks. 🙂 do you have a blog as well if so i’d like to check yours out aswell…

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