charlie sheen!

“I’m not shit, I’m champagne. Let’s all go home and kill ourselves and our radios Where’s my head? This isn’t mine. nobody loves a thing everyone is fucking crazy”

Drawing of actor Charlie Sheen made with graph...

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Charlie sheen is going to a media rampage. like the man is going to pull a Brittney spears or a Lindsey lohan. he is literally dying in our eyes. I feel sorry for him because he’s Charlie but I don’t think he will get out of this one. They wont add him anymore for two and a half men and they will either cancel it or replace him. And I foretell if they do replace him after a season without him its going to be cancelled. It’s a shame because that show made money

ON other news i got home really late tonight because I didn’t have my phone. Lucky I got home safe, and I still have to thank my godmother for offering my ride but it seem to me like it was a long time and classed sucked. but I also got to finish my project though it seemed like everyone else did a better job. When it came time to present i tore shit up and i knew everything because I took four years of french.

Now i have to finish my second draft for the essay, do three online homework. Do four more logs (two paragraphs on each on for the question) and read 40 pages. i have to do so before 8 so I have ten hours. But i need to get sleep so i might not even sleep tonight ahh fuck!

First Born (album)

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Games of the Day

The Spurs crushing the Cavs 109-99

Hot Lanta winning by three over the Bulls 83-80

The Clippers winning in a thriller in OT to the Rockets 106-103

Song of the Day

Hay Fever” by Eyedea and Ablities    

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