what’s my motherfucking name

“it’s october the twenty-third, its such a funny word, i touch the grass and makes me amazing”

Monday monday monday. I have to finish my rough draft by today before i get my ass whooped by my teacher. What else. I freaking despise I don’t know why too. I think it’s because she ask too much from us. yes yes i know know but its a college class but still. This lady gives us time to do our work and group projects in class but she talks during the whole time. So we never get anything done. Ahhhh

I started looking for jobs again. I feel pretty good this time, if you anyone that hiring hook me up yeah C: I also have to do my fasfa before its due or else i won’t get any money. And who doesn’t want free money. I mean come on. come on!

I have a long day/week a head of mee because i have a project on Wednesday,. two test on thursday and an essay due. fuckk my vida.

Games of the day

Chicago blazed over the wizards 105-77

Boston barely beat the Nuggets 107-102

Channing Frye game winner helps the Suns beat the Nets 104-103

Song of the Day

“freestyle 1” eyedea

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