the experiment

can’t you see that it’s just raining, there no need to go outside”

What a day, what a day. Today was a pretty crazy day if i may say so myself. It started with going to shuffle with the guys plus shadow. Shadow is the nickname to this one guy that keeps on following us hence shadow. Plus we don’t talk to him as much because he’s out of the closet.  Enough of that, so we went to shuffle and had some good times. Fucked some bitches got some money. The usual, plus i got a couple of cards basically for free. Ha, anyways.

Then i went out hang out with my Godmother and Godfather. I basically stayed there the whole day. Watching various movies including: the karate kid, karate kid III, the american, indecent proposal, and the freaking amazing movie called the experiment. I mean this needs a post just by its self.

The movie is about 20 something guys(not age but amount) being tested for a research. In the end, if they follow the rules they all get 14g’s. So they ask them various questions beforehand like have you been in jail, and other things. They get selected. This is where their told that they are going to simulate the life in a prison. Some become guards and the rest prisoners. I’ll end it there so leave it up to your mind. If you still reading this and not going to get the movie then slap yourself.  Do it now, this is one movie you won’t regret watching and paying for. Don’t even rent it buy it, and if im wrong message me and ill buy it off you. Because someone needs to knock the sense into you. Just playing but people have different taste. but seriously go and get it.

Games of the Day

Dallas over the Wizard 105-99

Boston barely by Clippers 99-92

 Bulls stomp over the Bucks 83-75 


Song of the Day

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

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