i guess its the Thunder!

“lately things don’t seem to go that way, im having trouble and i don’t know why, ‘cuse me while i kiss the sky

I knew it. Didn’t I tell you guys. Who left, right before the trade deadline. And it’s the Celtics making a move, but was it a bad move. They trade Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins to The OKC Thunder for Delonte West and someone else. I think that the Celtics lost on that one. I mean come on, Perkins is the only reason they lost last year. Now they are counting on both of the O’Neals to be where they have been in there prime. but they are in the opposite direction, old. Both have two to three years left in the league if that. They aren’t going to get as far as they did last year.

That’s a shame because i wanted to see another Lakers v Celtics Finals. Now that gives the west a little more trouble because the Thunder have a fire in the paint. They will be more known and i would be afraid to play them again in the playoffs. Btw, the Celtics are now relying Delonte West to be the backup for Pierce and we know that isn’t going to happen. Even better new for the Knicks and maybe other lower seed contenders in the East.

Also Mo Williams and Jamario Moon leave Cleveland to The Clippers. While the Cavs get Baron Davis and another first round pick from Clippers. That two top ten  picks. That really good for Cleveland who is rebuilding again. I wish them well. Charlotte I think messed up on giving up Gerald Wallace to Portland. That will greatly help Portland in the playoffs if they make it. And the Hornets messed up but got some player that they think they need. Hopefully they don’t mess up.

Lets see who this turns out in april/may.

Games of the Day

Chicago over the Heat 93-89

The Melo-less Nuggets over the Perkin-less Celtics 89-75

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